Picking the perfect foundation

Posted on: 17 July 2018 by 50connect editorial

So you want to change foundation? Diffuse the lingo and get back to basics with this guide.

mature skin

Are you confused by what type of foundation suits your skin? If so, here's a rough guide to what's out there:

Avon True ColorLiquid foundation

Creates sheer to medium coverage. It can be applied with a sponge, but many make-up artists prefer to use their fingers as they claim the warmth helps it blend better. Use it sparingly - too much will look like a mask.

Stick foundation

Offers more coverage and is faster to blend liquid. It should only ever be blended with the fingers or it can go streaky. It's good if you have small blemishes or eye circles and don't want to use concealer.

Cream-to-powder foundation

If you like the look of a matt face, choose these. Applied with a damp sponge they create a dewy, matt finish that gives full coverage.

Tinted moisturiser

The lightest coverage, this is the product for you if you don't like foundation. It is ideal for use on holiday as a lighter alternative to foundation, and many have sun protection factors so can be used in place of sun cream.

Bronzing gels/sticks

If you want a more sun-kissed look, bronzing gel is the product for you - but choose sheer brands and apply sparingly. You're trying to enhance your natural colour, not create fake tan.

powder is not necessarily the enemy of mature skin

Loose powder

Liquid foundations are pushed heavily by the beauty industry as the 'only' product you should be considering as part of your makeup routine. 'Powder is your enemy' is a familiar mantra among beauticians, however used simpathetically there is no substitute for the subtlety offered by some of the powder-based products. Used to set foundation, it should be brushed lightly over the face with a big fluffy brush. Translucent is the best shade to choose, but if you have warm skin choose one that's yellow-based rather than pink.

Pressed powder

To create total coverage, apply over foundation. However, don't smooth it on the skin; apply it with a powder sponge in a rolling motion.

Foundation sponge

It's not essential but many women prefer it to fingers. Wash the sponge after every use in a little baby shampoo.

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