Preventing hair disasters

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Avoid bad hair days by carefully choosing your hair salon on quality rather than convenience.

We've all done it and sadly, not just the once!  That sinking feeling of leaving the hairdressers knowing that the colour isn't right, the cut is awful and your identity has been completely massacred, is familiar to all of us.  But help is at hand to stamp out  'post-hairdresser-disillusion' and ensure it will not cross your door again!

  • We generally select hair dressers because they are close to home or convenient for that quick lunchtime snip. Instead of opting for ease consider where the hairdressers is situated and how people look in that area so if you want a fashionable cut find a salon in the younger fashionable part of town.  
  • Take a good look when you walk into a salon and assess it's cleanliness and the appearance of the stylists. A salon or hairdresser that doesn't take care of their appearance is not worth bothering with.  
  • Watch the customers expression and body language as they leave and gauge their level of contentedness. If you can see lots of happy faces exiting with confidence and style then you know you are onto a winner!  
  • You should always feel comfortable in the salon and able to communicate with the stylist.  Note how they treat you when you first walk; do they ignore you for five minutes and do the stylists appear approachable and friendly? If the answer to either of these questions is no then avoid this salon like the plague.  
  • Any salon worth visiting will provide you with a free consultation if you ask for one.  Although this can be time consuming it is a sure fire way to be certain you feel comfortable there and can communicate easily with the hairdresser.  
  • Remember that stylists are not mind readers and can only create the hair style you want if you give them some guidelines to work with. If you walk into a salon with no idea then you cannot expect the hairdresser to perform miracles! If you can, scour magazines and newspapers for hairstyles you like the look of, cut these out and take these with you when you go. If the day has arrived and you still haven't seen a style arrive half an hour early and flick through their hair magazines. Find a few cuts and colours you like the look of and speak to the stylist to see if they will suit your face shape or skin colouring. A good stylist will suggest alternatives or mix and match your choices to suit your individual face shape and hair type.  


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