Too old to get lashed?

Posted on: 24 November 2010 by Rhian Mainwaring

They've been the beauty accesory of 2010, but at what age should we stop wearing them?

Come on, we all know there's no such thing as too old when it comes to fashion and beauty. It's up to you, how you feel, how you like to look and what makes you feel good.

There are certain products that help bridge that gap though and one of those is false eyelashes made specifically for more mature eyes. Shorties are a new range of lashes that are slimmer and shorter with an empahsis on volume and thickness rather than glamour (model)!

I found these lashes to be extremely natural, they gave me an elegant, classic look rather than a Miss World daze and were really comfrotable too. The price point is good and they can be re-used. There's nothing stopping you wearing them everyday, but for me they're perfect for that special night out.

shorties eyelashes

Top tips on applying fasle eyelashes

  • Cut the lashes down to size. If they're too long then it's possible to get them to fit, so measure them against your lid for length.
  • Apply glue to the lashes and leave to set for a minute or two, the adhesive sticks better when it is tacky.
  • Practice makes perfect! A lot like using contact lenses for the first time, the more you practice the easier it gets.
  • Have a professional apply them. If it's just too difficult head to your local beautician or beauty counter, if you're willing to buy them they'll be willing to attach them.
  • Remove with eyemake up remover, as you would with normal make up. Hold the remover over the lid for a couple of moments to soften the glue then peel from the inner eye out.
  • If a full set isn't your style then buy singles. Seperate lashes are perfect for opening up your eyes, adding volume and/or length.

eyelashes individiual lashes

Love the look? You can now have eyelash extensions fitted permanently, they last 8-12 weeks and are a longterm solution for longer, fuller lashes.

Girls with attitude Shorties available from Boots, £5 and eylure individual lashes from Debenhams, £7.84

So what do you think? Should lashes stay on the 20somethings or do you wear them yourself? Let us know below, and if you have any fashion, beauty or lifestyle queries please email me at [email protected]

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