10 Best Steaks to Grill For Your Dinner


Posted on: 04 August 2018 by Gloria Lipson

Do you love steaks? Then check this out to know about 10 best steaks to grill for your dinner.

Everyone loves steak dinners. It is a special meal which usually people want to have on special occasion or in the weekend. Here is the list of 10 best steaks to grill for your dinner. If you want to make these of your own first you need to learn about beef cuts and by which equipment you can cut those easily. Click here to learn more about the tools you need.

Usually the best steaks to makes grill come from short loin cuts of beef. But some other cuts also can be used. So keep reading to learn.

1. Ribeye Steaks:

This is the finest steaks to eat. The combination of big soft beefy flavor is just amazing. If you want to keep options for boneless or bone in then ribeye steak is the best option to you for grill.

2. Strip Steaks:

It is called in various names like New York strip, top loin or strip loin steak etc. It is equally good in test with ribeye steaks, so it is difficult to comparing them and choosing one.

3. Tenderloin Steaks:

It is the major muscle which is placed beneath the ribs next to the backbone. It is not that much particular in flavor. But if it is eaten with poterhouse it will be great.

4. Porterhouse Steak:

It is also known as King Steak. It is a cross section of short loin which is taken from the area below the backbone. It is really great prepared on the grill.

5. T-Bone Steak:

It is almost alike with porterhouse steak. The slightly difference is this is cut a little forward on short loin that’s why it has less or maybe none tenderloin muscle attached with this. This is smaller than porterhouse and its great for grill.

6. Skirt Steak:

It comes from the beef plate primal cut from the inside of the chest and abdominal cavity. This steak is very flavorful and very fast for cooking. It will make your dinner splendid.

7. Top Sirloin Steak:

It is a very flavorful cut which is versatile and juicy. It is also known as Boneless Sirloin Butt Steak, It is taken for the beef sirloin primal cut. This steak is much less tender than short loin. But it is still tender enough to grill. You need to take special care of it to avoid overcooking.                      

8. Flank Steak:

It is come from the beef flank primal cut. It is both flavorful and tough. The fat bundle of muscle fibers makes up its thick grained texture. This steak needs to be cook quickly with high heat.  You can add flavor by marinating it but it will not tenderize the beef.

9. Chuck Eye Steak:

This steak sometimes called as “poor man’s ribeye”. It is the first two steaks cut from the beef chuck primal cut in where it joins the rib primal. The cuck eye really doesn’t have the flavor of rib eye. This steak is really great and very equivalent to man part of the rib eye. It is tender and juicy and if you want you can add tons of flavors. It is a good steak at a very low price.

10. Flat Iron Steak:

It is taken from the beef chuck primal. It is basically a top blade steak. It is not cut crosswise but in lengthwise to avoid thick seam of gristle. You need to cook it quickly till medium rare.


So these are some best steaks to make a splendid dinner for you in the weekend or in any occasion. Try these at home, you will enjoy this.

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Harriet Simpson posted 27 October 2020

I had a business meeting with some out of town clients so I decided to take them to the downtown dallas steakhouse. It is always best to close the deal over some really good beef steaks.

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