10 most visited attractions in Dubai


Posted on: 04 May 2015 by Paul Smith

Dubai is one of most visited tourist destinations around the world, millions of people gave visit every year. I collected some most visited places in Dubai. Hope you would like this place.

Known as the city of gold, Dubai conquers the mind and lies in the heart of every traveler. No matter how many times you visit this oil rich emirate, it always astonishes you with its beauty, architectural brilliance and warmth.
With some of the most celebrated names on the planet, Dubai’s enchantments are not limited to the run-of-the-mill attractions. This is a country obsessed with making masterpieces to create new world records. 
Here’s a list of places that speaks of the city’s opulence, and are one of the most visited attractions by tourists.
The Dubai Mall
Home to the world famous ‘Dubai Shopping festival’, the Dubai mall is also the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination. It is the world’s most visited mall and is visited by almost a million visitors annually. While the mall section boasts of over 1200 shops, it also has an entertainment centre with an Aquarium having the world’s largest viewing panels. It boasts of ice-skating rink almost to the proportion of Olympics, along with an underwater zoo. It is further expanding to add more glittering attractions for the tourists.  A visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the Dubai Shopping Mall.
Burj Khalifa
The best way to start your Dubai sightseeing is by visiting the tallest building in the world-The Burj Khalifa. A sight to behold, the skyscraper is a man made masterpiece and home to the affluent. It boasts of plush offices and has the iconic Armani hotel. 
You have to visit Burj Khalifa observation desk at 124th floor to have a view of a lifetime. It gives the perfect overview of Dubai and makes you feel on top of the world, quite literally.
Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai scores full marks with its miracle garden, which is also the biggest natural flower garden in the world. Situated near the Arabian ranches, in Dubailand, it has more than 45 million flowers spread across an area of 72000sq.mtr. It also features conventional flower beds, topiary styled displays and exotic flowers fashioned in the shapes of hearts, igloos, pyramids, stars and more. The flower arrangements are set to change every season to offer a new experience to repeat customers.
Dubai Indoor Ski Park
Who said that this desert city doesn’t experience snow? The indoor ski park is a spectacle for all the visitors. A part of the Dubai shopping mall, the indoor ski park is spread across a sprawling 22500 sq.mtrs and features a 60 meter snow-clad mountain that looks nothing less than an original. It offers five different difficulty slopes for you to conquer and the world’s foremost black-run, along with many rails and kickers.
Global Village
A state-of-art global market with stalls from more than 36 countries, Global Village gives you the opportunity to feel and experience the varied culture, cuisine, ambience, and an opportunity to shop for souvenirs of different countries, right here in Dubai. Global Village is a complete family destination that you should not miss at all.
Dhow Cruise at the creek
Experience the calmness of the Dubai creek under the sky of beautiful lights, music and dance show at the Dhow cruise. Have a quality time with your closed ones over delicious BBQ dinner and your favorite drink while cruising through the beautiful Dubai creek. This is a perfect way to wrap up a fun filled and exciting day in Dubai.
Hot Air Balloon Ride
If you are in Dubai, you have the opportunity to see sunrise from the skies. Yes! Glide up in the air with the hot air balloon, ride and enjoy the stunning view of the Dubai desert and watch the mesmerizing sunrise. An hour full of spectacular view and amazing experience; this hot air balloon ride should definitely be on your Dubai bucket list.
The Jumeriah Beach
Awarded the blue flag for being one of the most desirable beaches in the world, Jumeriah beach is one of the main attractions for Dubai tourism. Not only the Jumeriah beach, but also various other beaches like the Russian beach, kite beach, Mamzer beach also offers breathtaking view of white sandy beaches with crystal blue water kissing the shores. It is the perfect way to relax and unwind in Dubai.
Dubai Dolphinarium
Whether you are travelling with your family or with friends, Dubai Dolphinarium is one place you’ll love to go. Exclusive dolphin and seal shows, mirror maze, adventure soft play for kids, and creek park exotic bird show will leave you amazed. It’s a great place to go with family and friends and enjoy a wonderful time. Don’t give it a miss while in Dubai.
Desert Safari Dubai
Desert safari is one experience you just can’t miss when in Dubai. Thrilling roller coaster ride with sand dune bashing is all possible and that too at rates that suits all budget. If you have some extra to spare, an exclusive Hummer desert safari should definitely be on your bucket list. Enjoy the overnight camping in the desert with food, dance and music. This experience is going be with you for long as a cherished memory.
From the tranquility of the desert to the glittering shine of the city, Dubai has so much to offer for travelers across all ages. It is a perfect combination of modern world sightings and cultural heritage, but one thing that makes Dubai a memorable tourist destination is the warmth of the people and their effort to please every traveler. Visit Dubai to have an experience of a lifetime.

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