10 Picnic Foods Your Grandchildren Will Love


Posted on: 04 April 2018 by Tom Clark

You have finally managed to convince your son or daughter to leave you with the grandchildren and you decide to organize a day out for a picnic

You have finally managed to convince your son or daughter to leave you with the grandchildren and you decide to organize a day out for a picnic, so that you can have a nice time with the kids. One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is the kind of foods that you pack. Kids can be quite fussy, so it is important that you find something that they will all enjoy to eat. Here are some ideas.



Mini sandwiches can be quite fun for kids to eat. You can use an assortment of fillings, from minced meat to turkey fillings, brawn or cream cheese. Cut them in fun and interesting shapes.


Pack them up in a plastic container with wax paper in between them. This will prevent them from drying out. The good thing about the sandwiches is that you can make them up a day ahead and put them in the fridge, so you can just grab them and go when you are ready to head out.



You can whip up a yummy salad, so that the kids have an option of having something healthy to eat. Make sure to carry along some salad dressing, so that you can toss it in the salad just before you serve. For instance, you can make some macaroni salad.


When preparing the salad, make sure to pat them dry, so that they stay fresh and crisp.


If you decide to go for fruit salad, you can serve them up in ice-cream cones and then scoop some whipped cream on top of it. Or you can also cut the fruit into nice little shapes and put them on a stick.


3.Carry some drinks

Remember to carry some drinks and keep them cold. You can make your own fruit smoothies. This can fill up anyone who doesn’t feel like eating. Carry some fun, colored cups that the kids can drink out of.


You can also carry some fruit juice. Don’t forget the water too. This is especially when the weather is hot, as they will need something to help cool them down.


4.Sausage rolls

Kids will love sausage rolls. You can pack them up together with courgettes and carrots.


5.Chicken fingers

For proteins, you can make some fried chicken fingers. You can deep fry them or bake them in the oven


6.Devilled eggs

These can make a nice appetitizer or provide a quick bite.



You can make some pizza or buy some store bought ones. Most kids like pizza, so this can be a winner for you.


8.Energy bars

Kids can get pretty tired when they are playing outdoors. You can choose to buy some fruit and nut energy bars or you can make your own. This will keep the kids going for quite some time.



9.Fruit and nuts


Nuts, dried fruits and salty snacks are a good consideration. You can mix these up to come up with a trail mix.


10.Sweet treats

After the kids have had their lunch, you can top this up with some sweet bitings. This includes chocolate, cake, biscuits or Millions sweets.

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