10 Simple and Creative Ways to Wear High Boots


Posted on: 07 November 2015 by Mark George

Every woman wants to be ageless, Tall leather boots are always in style.

This is the season fashion lovers wait all year for—the season of layers and boots!

Tall leather boots are always in style, but this season, thigh high boots are back! Seen all over the streets of Paris and New York and of course on the runways, they are a fun alternative to leggings or tights this year. But if they aren’t worn correctly, high boots can attract the wrong kind of attention…not to worry! With a little know-how, you can make thigh highs look as sophisticated and subtle as ever.

Style How-To:  10 tips for wearing over-the-knee boots like a pro:

1. Colours: To get the classy look you want, avoid attention-getting colours. It’s best to stick to neutrals like black, grey or shades of brown. Suede and leather are the best choice.

2. Fit: Over-the-knee boots should fit well around your legs and thighs for a slimming effect that can hide any flaws. For people with wide calves or thighs, having the high boots with just the right fit can make a real difference in the way you see your silhouette.

3. Heel height: High boots can elongate your legs and make you appear taller. Many over-the-knee boots also have high heels. However, if you are already tall and slender, opt for a pair of boots with a flat heel, so you don’t look too dramatic, towering over everyone. On the other hand, if you want to show off your mile-long legs, go for the stilettos!

4. Mid-season: If you want to wear a dress that isn’t made for cold weather, wear it with tights and a long cardigan or winter coat paired with your thigh high boots. This way you can instantly change a summer outfit into a winter one!

5. Like a boss:Yes, you can even wear thigh high boots to the office, as long as you aren’t showing any leg. Pair them with a knee-length skirt or dress for a look that says you are the one in charge. Of course you should always choose boots of high quality from a leading brand, especially in a professional environment. Designer brands like Clarks have ladies boots for every occasion, including high boots of optimal comfort and quality.

6. Jumper dress: Probably the easiest and most comfortable winter outfit that still shows off your curves and style. In fact, thigh high boots are really the best footwear choice to wear with a long sweater dress, and it’s appropriate for almost any occasion!

7. Androgynous Zone: Wear thigh high boots with dark skinny jeans or trousers and an oversized blazer and dress shirt. You’ll look more like a no-nonsense business woman than a character from Pretty Woman with this look.

8. Statement piece: The boots, sexy and chic as they are, don’t have to be the main focus of your outfit. If you would like to minimize the glamourous effect of the boots, pair them with something that makes a statement, such as a bold print for your principal piece or an accessory above the waist that makes a statement.

9. Easy street: A simple white top with a pair of skinny jeans becomes an entirely different outfit when paired with over-the-knee boots. This is a quick and subtle way to achieve a fashionista style!

10. Balance: Always be sure to balance these kind of boots with something on top, such as a blazer, jacket, long tunic, long necklace, scarf or other accessory. This is really the key to getting the overall style you want.

So dare to wear the look that is taking over the trends this winter! You can add them easily to your existing wardrobe and amaze your friends with a look that is trendy, modern and classy. Follow these tips and you’ll be looking like a true urban trendsetter in the blink of an eye!

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