10 Things You Should Now About Singapore


Posted on: 21 June 2017 by Wlliam Owenson

Singapore is one of those places you think you know. It has lots of rules, lots of signs, plates of chilli crab and the glitzy Marina Bay Sands. But there are lots of things you don't know about one of Asia's most modern and fast-changing cities.

They speak English!

People in Singapore actually speak more languages. They can speak Cantonese, Malay, and English. The great about it is most of the people here speak in English. This means that you can easily find your way around the country without ever having trouble with language.

They love cleanliness

If you’ve seen Singapore, you’ll notice that they have a great sense of cleanliness. You have to know where to put your trash. Moreover, they also have great discipline when it comes to their great city. Go ahead and learn a thing or two from them.

They are top of the line with medicine

Their city is currently experiencing a boom in economics. As such, the different fields of medicine also flourish in this city. You can rest assured that even if you get sick, you’ll be treated with the best healthcare you can ever think of. Many medical professionals even go here to fill their residence years. They all turn out to be great doctors, too!

They are mix of cultures

Since Singaporeans come from many countries, you can see a plethora of cultures. Many festivals and attractions showcase this great trait of the Singaporeans. This is also the main reason why they can speak so many languages.

Houses actually cost less now

With more than 90% living in public housing, you can see how the demand for private houses goes low. Basing on the law of supply and demand, the price of private housing should be cheap. You can try buying a house here in Singapore after you become a citizen.

It is one of most visited places on earth

Enter Sentosa, one of the most iconic travel spots in all of Asia. Singapore also has great attractions like the largest observation wheel. There are many resorts and theme parks such as the Universal studio. The Merlion blazes with fame all over the world, too!

It is a country and it is a city

Aside from the Vatican, Singapore is also a country as well as a city at the same time. So, if you thought that Singapore was based in China, Malaysia, or any other country, you were wrong. This fact confuses many people so it is a pleasure to know such things.

Largest tropical garden

UNESCO declared the Singapore Botanical Gardens a World Heritage Site in 2015. They house the largest collection of flowers in the botanical garden. It also houses the best orchid displays segregated into “seasons.” Admission is free for the rest of the park so you can enjoy it.

The country is a tiger

As one of the most highly economic countries in east Asia, Singapore is part of the East Asian Tigers.  They are the countries that experienced great economical boosts in the last 20 years. Surely, you can see it when you look around the beautiful city of Singapore.

You can live there too!

Catch a plane with Visa Express and enjoy Singapore! You just have to get out and experience the world. Don’t think that it will intimidate you. You’ll love it!

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