10 Ways To Be A Saving Grandma


Posted on: 28 October 2015 by Karen Johnson

Have you realized that you kind of need to adapt some saving techniques to your lifestyle? Well, you’ve reached the right place. Take a look at our top 10 Tips and Hints on how to save and yet be a great mum.

1. Baby special benefits

Don’t forget to mention that you have a little bay anytime you feel it is appropriate. There are different occasions in which you might benefit from this entitlement.

2. Arrange free babysitting

You can organize your small babysitting club among friends where each and every one of you will babysit the children of the others in rotation. This way you can still get dressed up and go out with your partner while enjoying free babysitting just because you will exchange the service.

3. Plan ahead and benefit from the sales season

Being organized means also planning ahead and foreseeing the upcoming needs for your baby or even yourself. This way, having a list of things you need will make it very easy for your to look for just the ones you need and most of all, benefit from huge sales or special promos. Knowing for example that your baby is going to need a bigger sized carrier, you may want to buy now that discounted one you sow coming back from the supermarket. Also, do not forget to take a look at Tesco Baby Events!

4. Don’t be timid to ask

There is nothing wrong in asking to friends, which have older toddlers to give you those baby clothes, toys or other necessary pieces that she hardly used for her child. You will be surprised to find out that moms are actually very happy to recycle their good quality pieces that cannot be used anymore from their children and see them go to a friend’s home. I also ask top brands too for free samples, don't be afriad to ask, I also love getting freebies too from top sites like freestuffbaby.co.uk.

5. Free accommodation

Other than your “babysitting club” you may also have a “Let’s get out for the weekend one”. Changing the daily routine is always a good remedy for your tired bodies and minds, but it comes with a price, as you’d have to spend a lot especially for accommodation. So, ask your friends if hey can host you with the promise to be an excellent guest that makes the bed and washes the dishes. You can anytime return the favor so everyone is happy at the end!

6. Be super creative and fun

Craft work or home made food does not only make you super fun mum (as you children will love being around you when you do so), but you will also be able to save a lot of money doing things from scratch. From simple greeting cards to a cute little dress or Homemade jam, you can get as creative as you want!

7. Plan your shop

Do your groceries while holding the list on your hands. Being already prepared will save you from buying things you don’t really need. You may also find it very easy and comfortable doing your groceries online, maybe here at tesco.com.

8. Take the lunch from home

Having food you already prepared at home for lunch at work will save you around £20 a week! You can also take fruits or other snacks so you can avoid buying those for your short breaks.

9. Do not keep active memberships or subscriptions you’re not using anymore

Don’t forget to do so. You may have jumped from being without any children in being a full time mom and some things just slipped from your hands. You don’t go to the gym anymore (at least not 3 times a week), you don’t watch the pay per watch TV channels anymore (who has the time) and you don’t use those thousand of minutes you got on your tariff plan of your mobile phone. So, cut them off as soon as you go to the end of this article.

10. Save on your bills

You might want to be careful in other inefficient ways you are using water or gas. Like, switching on the washing machine only with a full board of clothes, never running the dishwasher if it is still empty or doing a shower instead of a bath. You will be surprised when you receive those bills. 

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