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Posted on: 11 February 2018 by Chris Mash

For most single seniors that I know, solitude and isolation are some of the major challenges they are faced with. Having been a half of a couple for decades-long, an old life without their significant other can be demoralizing. However, as a single senior, you can still make the most of your life. You can live the rest of your old life in fulfillment by deciding to take productive steps toward overcoming the desolation associated with old age

Don't know how to get started? Here are 11 practical home activities to help you navigate through this period.


Yes, you are old now. So, popular forms of exercise like weightlifting, cycling, jogging, or push-ups may not be suitable for you. Well, that does not mean you still can't work out your body. Chair exercises have remained the most suitable forms of exercise for seniors. These activities never overwork your joints and have also been established to help regulate blood flow.


Keeping a small indoor herbs garden is also a productive activity for you to explore as a single senior. Tending to these herbs helps you get busy in the morning and evening which is the best time to water them. Herbs like parsley, mint, thyme, lemongrass, etc., are great to grow indoors. Find a space in your home that is open to sunlight, and begin to grow these herbs in small pots. Heck, you can even add these herbs to some of your favorite dishes.


Exploring different kinds of diet is a popular choice among seniors. There are many new diets now, and the media is awash with their incredible health benefits. The vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, Paleo diet, weight watchers diet, etc., these are some of the diets you can try out too. Learn about them and go for any you consider suitable for your health.


If by now you don't have a social media presence, then it's time you do. Beyond reconnecting with old friends, social media is also a great way to meet single seniors like you to interact with. Also, social media allows you to share your interests, thoughts, and ideas with other people. In fact, chances are that your favorite classical music band have a page on Facebook or Twitter. Getting on social media offers you the opportunity to follow them.


You're mistaken if you think it's too late to learn a new language. Well, it isn't. Learning a new language is a way of taking on a new challenge, and challenges help to keep the mind healthy. Think of how you'd be able to dazzle your grandkids with foreign words such as Bonjour, Shukran, etc., whenever they visit you. Kids always love that amazing grandparent who can speak in different “tongues.” Get on the internet and you’d find many resources online that can help you learn a new language.


Whether it is a puppy from a shelter, or a kitten inadequately cared for by your neighbor - you should adopt it. The idea is to find a companion in a pet. Especially when you are not only old but are a single as well. So, seeking companionship in a pet doesn't seem like the worst of ideas. Pets are loyal, and they will never leave you to hang whenever you need their company. Check online or visit a shelter in your neighborhood (if you can) to seek information regarding adopting a pet.


Coloring is a unique way of relaxing the mind - especially if you have anxiety problems. Coloring pages can help you relieve stress, calm down and exercise manual hand abilities. You can start coloring whenever you want because this activity is cheap and easily accessible. So, why don't you roll out the coloring books and coloring pencils and begin to color your way out of desolation?


Who says a senior can't be a blogger too? Blogging is a way of giving life to your thoughts, opinions and even experiences. You may decide to start blogging about classic fashion, your favorite TV shows, etc., for people to enjoy. See it as an online version of your diary, only that now, you're sharing with the world. If you are able to hack it, blogging as a home activity can become a sustainable stream of income for you. Sounds fun already, right? Right!



When you think aquarium, you think calmness, tranquility, and openness. Now, those are some of what you get when you fix up a fish tank in your home. An aquarium in the home will always boost your mood, and ultimately, your health. So why don’t you get one now?


Solving crosswords is a way of keeping the mind sharp, and also prevent any cognitive challenges that may be associated with aging. So, make it a part of your daily routine to solve puzzles. Nowadays, you can find crosswords to solve virtually everywhere. If a newspaper is often beyond your reach, you can try the different ones online. The goal is to enhance your memory and uplift your thinking capabilities.


At this point in your life, cutting clutter does not only mean that you are organized, but it is also a way of earning some few bucks. The good furniture, the devices in your garage, and even the unused kitchen appliances, etc. - anything at all that you no longer use can be put up for sale. And the good part is that you don't have to be an exceptional salesperson to make a great deal of these items. Sites like Craigslist and Amazon are a few places where you can get buyers for your unused inventory.


Although it may be hard to come to terms with the fact that you are not only aging, and that you are single as well. But once you commit to making the most of the rest of your life by exploring some of the activities highlighted in this piece, you'd begin to develop fulfillment and hopefully some joy. And maybe it will recover a bit of youthful vigor? It would be lovely.


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