15 Tips on Best Feet and Legs for Summer


Posted on: 04 August 2016 by Cecilia Jennings

Perhaps you feel that if you'e not in a bathing-beauty contest or modelling shoes and hosiery you can get by without too much attention to your feet and legs in summer.

If you're a Grade A teenage beauty otherwise, you may be right, but if you are just a nice, could-be-prettier girl with ordinary underpinnings, no! It pays to be a real fuss-budget about your feet and legs, and there's no time like the present to bone up on ways and means of keeping them healthy and shapely.

Let's start with a brisk walk; it's just a routine to walk properly, but just think of all the sloppy walkers there are around the place. Don't slouch, stoop, drag your feet, or flounce when you walk. Walk with your head up, your shoulders back, and your tummy held in firmly.

If you have to lug heavy packages, books, bags, or the family grocery order, try to distribute the weight. For the sake of your looks, and your health, try to walk tall and sit tall. Dancers, actresses, and models do this, and if you follow their lead and do it consciously until it becomes automatic, then your figure will be as graceful as theirs in motion.

Here are some simple basic, tips for how to get soft feet:

(1) Scrub the feet and toes with a brush in warm water once a day, preferably while taking your bath. Rub them vigorously as you dry them.

(2) Try contrast plunges (first hot water, then cold) for very tired feet.

(3) Clip nails straight across to avoid ingrowing toenails; rub down rough spots on heels and calluses with pumice stone.

(4) Treat small corns as instructed with a suitable preparation.

(5) Use a bit of hand-cream or lotion to massage feet gently. With fingers of both hands, lift up firmly and press towards the instep from metatarsal arch upward. Rub in circles down over ankle-bone and down over instep.

Other tips on happy walking, soft feet, and pretty legs are:

(1) Be sure shoes are correctly fitted with plenty of room up front and heels snug to prevent rubbing.

(2) Wear stockings a size larger than you think you should. Experts will tell you that tight hose cause trouble. Watch stocking lengths, too, for beauty's sake.

(3) If you have trouble with toes that press against one another, little rolls of cotton-wool or lambswool will separate them.

(4) Splash toilet water all over feet and allow to dry before slipping into shoes.

(5) Walk barefoot at the beach like the girl at the right, and around the house wear socks or ballet slippers.

There are strict standards of measurement, the experts say, for truly beautiful legs, but these need not dismay you. Less-than-perfect, even homely legs can be made more attractive with exercise (wonderful stuff if you can bring yourself to it).

Try this head-to-toe streamliner:

(1) Lie on back, arms outstretched to sides at shoulder level, palms up, legs together, toes pointed, knees bent over chest.

(2) Keep both shoulders close to the floor. Drop both knees to floor to the right.

(3) Stretch legs out, without bending knees, feet off the floor.

(4) Now, slowly draw toes up towards fingertips, then:

(5) Bend knees and bring back over chest. Rest. Do exercise on other side. Rest.

To shape your ankles, point toe forward. Now move ankle in slow, very slow, circles, up, out, side, down, up, out, side, up. The important business here is to do it very slowly as slow tension slims and too much speed builds up bulky muscles.

This one can be done while sitting in your office or working and reading at home. Legs that are out of line or that don’t meet at thigh, knee, and calf can be a bit embarrassing, especially in the summer.

The thing to do here is wear skirted bathing-suits rather than one-piecers, and long, well-tailored shorts which don't hug the leg. These provide a softer, more flattering line, and are good fashion as well. Another good hint, learn to stand, model-style, with one knee slightly bent in front of the other.


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