20 Things To Do in Calgary on a Rainy Day


Posted on: 27 April 2017 by Lech Dvorak

It’s been so many times when you put the weather in charge of your plans and actually of your mood as well. But anymore! There are so many things to do in Calgary on a rainy day.


It’s been so many times when you put the weather in charge of your plans and actually of your mood as well. But anymore! There are so many things to do in Calgary on a rainy day. After reading this piece you will definitely see that a little bit of rain isn’t the reason to get upset. Moreover, you can easily get over your ruined plans by creating even better new ones even when it’s getting all rainy in Calgary. So let’s see what we have here.

    • Board games


    Probably board games are the number one activity among all the fun stuff to do on a rainy day. It seems obvious but, in fact, try to remember the last time you spend some quality time with your family or your roommates. It’s so common that we don’t pay enough attention and take for granted those who are always around. A nice day with board games and face to face conversation is a great way to fix that mistreatment.

      • Escape rooms


      If just home activity won’t be enough for you, here is the way to bring simple board games to the next level. How about to try out the escape room games in Calgary? Those games are fun, exciting and requiring some intense brain activity to keep you sharp and focus the entire game. That’s a great opportunity to spend some truly fun time with your family or friends and to build stronger connection and understanding among each other.

        • Take a class


        How about to use the day to something you were going to do for ages? Learn something new! Take an art class, or cooking class, or a language class, or whatever you want it to be. Calgary has numerous studios and places downtown with the free first classes for the beginners. So within one day, you can try a few of those. What’s even cooler is that you shouldn't stay alone because of this nasty rain. Having classes, for sure, can be one of the fun things to do on rainy days with friends.

          • Books & Tea


          Just staying home and reading can be the nicest thing to do when it's raining outside. Nothing feels better than having a good book and a cup of hot tea while sitting in a favorite armchair and reading on a rainy day.

            • Going to the library


            When was the last time you went to the library just to stay and read in there? It is quiet, it is cozy and, more likely, you can still hear the raindrops falling on the roof of this magical building. Next time it rains, try to visit your local library to test how awesome it feels to stay in this place during rain in a total harmony with the weather and people around you.

              • Cooking


              What is better to do in a rainy weather than to bake some homemade chocolate crisps cookies? Fill your home with this divine smell of fresh pastry. Bake something with kids or try out the new recipes by yourself, succeed or fail, doesn't really matter whereas you enjoy the process.

                • Make a movie marathon


                Among all the indoor things you can make, creating your own indoor movie festival seems to be the most fun and the simplest to do. Just make some popcorn, get some of your favorite movies, invite friends and tadaaam - the movie festival is on.

                  • Make a “tea” party


                  Spend a simple evening with your close ones. Have no agenda, just gather them there to chat, discuss your recent news, maybe have conversation games to get to know each better and renew your friendship. Rainy weather always inspires people for such deep meaningful conversations, don’t you think?

                    • Get back to your childhood


                    For those who aren't afraid to get a bit wet, put on your raincoat, rubber boots and have a walk in your neighborhood in the rain. The streets will probably be pretty much empty, so enjoy those moments of solitude and don’t hold yourself back. Have fun! Jump in the puddles, sing if you want, the rain will cover the sounds anyway, do what a child inside you wants to do.

                      • Have a good nap


                      Nap time is something we all miss in our busy grown up lives. But what a blessing it is for adults to have a good excuse to stay home and do nothing but sleep all day long. It can be your secret guilty pleasure, so take an opportunity, grab a blanket and give yourself a rest.

                        • Embrace the rain


                        If you like rain as much as we do, why don’t you go out to enjoy it more? For instance, you can go to one of your favorite coffee place or cafes with a nice view on the city. For sure you know a lot of places to visit where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the rain.

                          • Pamper yourself


                          Dedicate this rainy day completely to yourself. Make a relaxing bubble bath, use all those stuff for your skin with an awesome smell you never have time or mood to use, use the scrabs and creams you like so much. Do everything to make you feel yourself like a fluffy empyreal marshmallow.

                            • Visiting Spa


                            You can bring the previous point to the next level and go to the spa with your significant other. What a great way for couples to turn a dreary weather into something so romantic. Getting massages side by side with your girlfriend or boyfriend... What a treat!

                              • Treasure hunt


                              If your kids got bored at home make them look for some treasures hidden in your house. That’s an activity for true little pirates. And don’t be fooled, it is not just for kids, it can be fun for teens or you can play along with toddlers, We bet even your spouse would love to take part in a treasure hunt. Just hide the treasure, draw a map and you're ready to go! Don’t forget to treat your pirates with some biscuits in the end.

                                • Aquarium tour


                                There is something pleasurable in looking at the rain outside the window. But you know what can be more exciting? Looking at tons of water behind the glass. Visiting a city aquarium can be quite an idea when you are looking for some interesting family activities on a rainy day. It’s fun but same time relaxing and therefore great for the entire family.

                                  • Get a tour of the local breweries


                                  If you are wondering where to go on a rainy day with your friends and want to spice up your typical pub evenings, try to have the brewery tour. There are few craft breweries in Calgary and they are open for tours. So make a call ahead, reserve a tour, pick up your friends and go on exploring the tastes of your local craft beers.

                                    • Have a look at the city


                                    There is one thing on the list of rainy day activities in Calgary that you have probably never thought of before. We can bet you haven’t taken a proper look at the city view during rain. So why not to visit the Calgary Tower’s Observation Deck in a rainy weather for a change. I bet you haven’t tried it yet but even getting a bit wet would be totally worth it - the view will for sure impress you.

                                      • Try pilates


                                      A rainy weather might have a relaxing influence on you. If it is so, embrace it, grab an opportunity and pay a visit to a yoga or pilates studio. You will be pleasantly surprised how much the sound of rain is helping you breathing during the meditation.

                                        • Art museums


                                        In our busy lives, we never have enough time to make a pause and notice the beauty around us. So why not to change it for a day and to visit an art museum. Nickle Galleries, for instance, always have some new showcases to impress you. Or you can visit the Esker Foundation, explore their exhibitions of the contemporary art and after visit their art workshops. That will both entertain and educate you. What a productive day!

                                          • Visit your family


                                          Among all the places to go on rainy day, this one should be the first to cross your mind. Call your parents or grandparents and pay them a visit. What can be better than trying your grandma’s homemade biscuits and pies in the kitchen, surrounded with all the people you love.

                                          Have fun!

                                          If you did like our list on what to do in Calgary on a rainy day but don’t know where to start, start from the.,.beginning! Save this link http://escapehour.com/rooms/ for the next rainy day and use the first opportunity to start crossing out all these activities.


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