3 Easy Ways to Clean Up Every Pet Mess


Posted on: 23 July 2018 by Lisa Perez

No matter how well trained your pet is, accidents happen. You may be surprised, but everything you need to successfully eliminate all types of pet stains, as well as unpleasant odours, is already in your kitchen cabinet!

No matter how well trained your pet is, accidents happen. Unfortunately, owning a pet is not linked only with enjoyment. Fostering a pet is a big responsibility and requires constant care and efforts. In order to prevent the damaging of carpets and soft furnishings, pet owners buy a variety of professional cleaning products only to discover later that they are completely useless. You may be surprised, but everything you need to successfully eliminate all types of pet stains, as well as unpleasant odours, is already in your kitchen cabinet!
There are a variety of natural cleansers to help you deal with mud, blood, urine, and any other type of pet stain. Here are some suggestions to start with:
1. Baking soda-vinegar solution
To prepare such a natural cleanser, you will need equal parts of natural vinegar and baking soda, ½ cup of water and a spray bottle. The types of vinegar you can use are distilled white vinegar or apple vinegar, including unfiltered one. Mix everything together and put the liquid in the bottle. Technicians from Cleaners NW6 Kilburn remind us that vinegar is an acidic substance, capable of eliminating even an old accident on your carpet. While soda is a natural odour neutraliser. Mixed together, they give an excellent result on treating urine and blood stains. Spray the polluted area and leave for 5 minutes. After that start rubbing gently with a soft clothing. If it is a fresh pet stain, pour vinegar on the stain, let it soak and then add the soda. You will need to leave the spot like this for a day or two until it is completely dry. It is a good idea to put a plate over it, so nobody steps on it. When the spot is dry, vacuum the soda and enjoy the magnificient cleaning result.
2. Citrus remover
Lemon is another natural solution for cleaning pet stains. It can break down spots and odours on a molecular level, therefore you will absolutely get rid of stains and pet odors. The good news is the preparation of such a cleanser is not a big deal. You need the juice of two lemons, 5 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 litre of water. Put the sugar into a large container, add the lemon juice and stir it for several minutes. After that, add the water, close the container and shake everything together. With this natural detergent, you can clean fresh urine spots. Every pet owner knows that if the urine is not eliminated completely, dogs mark their territory again so it is best to get rid of it quickly. The cleaning solution can be used for pet owners who have dogs, but also cats – it is effective in both cases!
3. Combination of baking soda and peroxide
Another efficient natural cleaning solution. Start by covering the pet stain with old dry cloths and press it with a heavy object. The cloths need to soak up the liquid completely. When that happens, sprinkle a solid amount of baking soda on the stain. After that, prepare a mixture of 3 tablespoons of peroxide and 1 tablespoon of natural soap ( which is also known as pure or castile soap; you can also use soap flakes). Pour a small amount of the mixture on a brush and start gently scrubbing the polluted area. Let it set for 20 minutes and remove it with the vacuum cleaner. If the stain is not completely eliminated, repeat the procedure one more time. Beware though, peroxide can cause irritation to the skin of your pets, or your own. You have to use it wisely and not let it reach sensitive skin areas.
We can’t blame our beloved pets for making a mess. It is our responsibility to bring the dog regularly on a walk or  provide our cats with a clean litter tray, to keep a high level of hygiene at home. But sometimes, there is no way to avoid accidents, no matter how hard you try. By preparing your own natural cleansers, however, you will be able to act fast and deal with it efficiently. This will save you a lot of effort later. On the whole, having a dog or cat has  more advantages than disadvantages. Instead of thinking over cleaning too much, enjoy each moment with your four-legged friend! The methods we’ve listed work best as solutions to pet problems, but they can also be used on other stains as cleaning solutions. However, we think that everything should be cleaned separately and if needed have different solutions for different stains. The bottom line is that you are not obligated to buy expensive cleaning solutions, because you can make them at your own home. This way you can save some money and still have perfectly cleaned and safe home environment!

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