3 Great Home Improvements Loans


Posted on: 27 September 2018 by smih Calam

Most people in their lifetime will eventually end up taking out a loan, especially as they start growing a family or thinking about growing a family. A loan is a great way to get the funds you need now. Today, we will help you to find great lenders for your home improvement needs.

What are home improvement loans?

A personal loan can be used for everything. It can be used for your new startup business, it can be used for major purchases and more. Home improvement loans are used to fix and replace things in your home. You would use a home improvement loan to replace your old kitchen sink, purchase a new roof, fix the foundation of your home, and more.


Prosper is known for offering low unsecured personal loan rates. Prosper loan rates range from 6.96% to 35.99%. Although they can be on the low side. Remember as well that some borrowers might end up with high interest rates depending on a number of factors.

Prosper allows you to pay at your own rate with 3 or 5-year fixed options. Prosper is one of the many loan providers that allow you to pay your loan off early without having to worry about prepayment penalties. With Prosper you are able to borrow $2000 to $40,000. Always remember that Prosper is not only for borrowing. It is also for investing. On average Prosper investors are able to earn 5.5% on their investment, which is awesome.


LendKey is known for two things, student loan refinancing and home improvement loans. What I love about LendKey is that they help you to find contractors in your area. To be eligible for a loan with lendKey, you must be a U. S. Citizen. You have to have proof of the ownership of your home. Before applying you should also make sure that you have a credit score of at least 660. With LendKey you can borrow anywhere from $5000 to $300,000. LendKey holds its own when it comes to their loan rates. You will be able to get rates that range from 6.74% to 12.49%. LendKey hates fees because borrowers hate fees. Fees take away from the amount that you are trying to borrow. With LendKey you will not have to worry about origination fees. These are the fees that lenders make you pay to process your loan. This fee is taken out of your loan and can end up costing you hundreds. Another fee that you have to look out for is a prepayment penalty fee. Once again, borrowers with LendKey will not have to worry about this fee. The only fee that LendKey does have is a late fee, but that is to be expected. All lenders have a late fee, but there is usually a grace period of 3 to 15 days. 

Marcus by Goldman Sachs 

Marcus is an awesome lender for those with good credit. If you are just now starting to build your credit history, then Marcus is not for you. Marcus only accepts borrowers with a good credit history. You will need to borrow at least $3500 to get a loan with Marcus. Personal loans range from $3500 to $40,000.  If you like fast funding times, then you will love Marcus because they allow you to receive your loan within 1 to 4 days after approval. If you make 12 consecutive payments on time with Marcus you will be able to skip a payment. This is one of the ways that Marcus rewards their borrowers. Interest rates range from 6.99% to 24.99%.

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alex belty posted 27 September 2018

informative content really. I appreciate e you smith keep it up


Douglas Jones posted 11 September 2019

Thanks, these are very cool offers. Usually, if I need money I don’t wonder where to get loans 24/7 I take personal loans on the Internet. And I can use it for any needs. Sometimes I ask for money from family or friends, but they can’t borrow a large sum. But these offers and interest on loans sound very cool. Glad I found this post. Thank you for the information.


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