3 Things Nobody Told Me About Aging Hair


Posted on: 11 July 2017 by Barry Hall

They say life starts at 40, but for many, a rapid decline into old age ensues, and the battle to maintain healthy looking hair and skin becomes burdensome. Here's 3 things nobody told me about aging hair.

...and what to do about it.
They say life starts at 40, but for many, a rapid decline into old age ensues, and the battle to maintain healthy looking hair and skin becomes burdensome.
The daily grooming routine of your mid 20’s was an enjoyable, and effortless process. But now, it feels like all-out-war to look and feel good.
Today, I want to talk about 3 problematic things that happens to your hair as you age, and what you can do to improve them.
Facial Hair
Women tend to experience an increase in facial hair growth as they age, which is primarily down to changes in hormones, and very common as you enter the menopause at around 50 years of age.
A decrease in the female hormone oestrogen, and an increase in the male hormone testosterone, is thought to be the main culprit, along with genetics.
You might be one of the lucky few that aren’t affected by this phenomenon, but for most women, facial hair seems to take on a new life of its own.
If you’re experiencing excessive hair growth on your upper lip, chin, sideburns, or anywhere else on your face, then you’ll be pleased to know there are a few options.
First, you could shave them off with an electric shaver or razor, but you’ll likely end up with stubble and re-growth of even thinker hair. A better option would be an epilator, which is a hand-held device that acts like tweezers on steroids, rapidly plucking hair from the root.
This will leave your skin feeling smoother, hairs take longer to grow back (3 – 5 weeks) and grow back thinner, it’s a similar effect to waxing, but milder on the skin.
And finally, there’s laser hair removal, which works by blasting and destroying the hair follicle with a powerful laser. The result is permanent hair removal, as the hairs can’t grow back. Though the drawbacks are that it can be quite expensive, and it’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, but if facial hair is becoming a problem, then it’s sure worth a shot.
Men usually experience a steady state of hair growth, right into old age, but bushy eyebrows can become a problem. Though scientists don’t yet fully understand the reason for bushy, unruly eyebrows in older men, it’s a simple fix. With a beard trimmer or clippers, you can easily set to your desired length, and trim the hairs down.
Head Hair
One of the first signs of getting older is grey hair, and grey hair can make you look a lot older than what you might be. Hair follicles produce a pigment called melanin, which colours your hair, as you age, less and less melanin is made, which causes hairs to turn grey.
Also, the hair follicle become less efficient at re-growing new hairs, which can cause thinning.
For men, the situation of aging hair can be much worse, as genetics can cause male-pattern baldness – and for many men, the first signed of baldness can be a hard fate to take.
For grey hairs, the solution is simple – hair dye, but don’t over-do it.
Use thickening shampoos, and conditioners containing Panthenol moisturizes. Always use more conditioner than shampoo, as excessive shampooing can dry out hair, leaving it prone to breaking. You don’t want to wash all the natural oils out of your hair every day, go a couple of days without washing your hair, if you can.
When drying your hair after washing, always use a low / medium heat, and keep the hairdryer about 10 inches away from your head.
For men starting to show signs of thinning, balding hair, start using Rogaine or any hair treatment that contains at least 5% Minoxidil. This may help slow the balding process and thicken hair, if treatment is unsuccessful, then consider shaving your head – it may look way better than you think.
Noes and Ear Hair
As if you’re hair falling out isn’t bad enough, nature has another surprise, my barber calls it “the badge of maturity”. I am of course, talking about excessive nose and ear hair growth, which can be particularly bad for men.
Use a good quality nose and ear hair trimmer (Philips and Remington are good) to keep this unwanted growth at bay.

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