3 Things People In their 80’s Must Learn to Do Over the Web


Posted on: 16 June 2017 by Alex Papaconstantinou

Online Banking, Online Shopping and Webmail are no longer just for young people and professionals. Elderly people today find that they have to learn online skills in order to stay independent. This article describes what this means for people over 80 years old.

Though I am a tech freak myself, I admire my aunt who, for the last 15 years, has been taking private lessons from Apple, has attended IT tutorials in her local area and listened to countless of eCommerce webinars on how to make the most of her laptop and internet connection. The outcome? At 80+ she is a proud owner (and avid user) of the latest iPad, an Amazon fanatic, and the smartest online researcher and shopper I’ve ever met.

It would be great if this was the typical story for every 80-year old, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, the truth is a little worrying. Many people at this age are technophobes who cannot trust themselves to turn on the computer or even much more low-tech devices like TVs and radios.

Love for such family members is always abundant; and the will to help out every once in a while always there. But I’m quite sure most of us would really appreciate it if our aging people would be more independent when it comes to the use of technology.

The fact is, the elderly don’t have to go all out and become die-hard fanatics of computing technology by keeping track of the latest tech conferences and reciting the specs of the latest computer processors to use the web properly. I believe that there are three simple things that would really get them up to the mark as far as being conversant with Internet use goes. These are:

Internet Banking

This service, which has pretty much become the norm today, allows users to access an institution’s banking services online through the bank's website. In other words, the web makes banking incredibly convenient.

For us regular web users, there is practically no learning curve involved when it comes to making the switch to online banking. But for a person in their 80’s, there is plenty to learn before banking becomes a simple online activity.

For instance, the process of opening an online banking account, setting passwords, and verifying credentials can seem mind boggling to an 80-year old. At this age, some of them are even struggling to remember their children’s names and birthdays. So, this process might entail having to write down this online banking information and keeping it in a safe easy-to-remember spot.

Online Shopping

Getting out of the house for an 80-year-old can be quite a chore. For this reason, these moms need the convenience of online shopping more than most. Without having to leave the house, such a lady can shop around for what she wants, get in contact with the seller, make payments and have the products delivered to her doorstep.

What is needed the most in this scenario is learning how to use a browser. The thing is, that these days, online retail sites are designed to be useful to shoppers of all ages. Product images can be zoomed to make the details more apparent to people with vision problems; and the shopping process is easy enough for anyone to grasp.


This is basically an email client service provided by entities such as AOL, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail. With this desktop email client, it is possible to send and receive email with greater ease. E-mail is a really effective way to stay in touch with family and share things like messages, photos, videos and news about school and family.

With smartphones, this has become even easier since an email application can automatically sync with the servers and deliver the emails to the phone as soon as they arrive. The only challenge in this scenario for an 80-year-old mom would probably be when it comes to knowing her way around a smartphone and keeping her internet connection switched on. But still, this is very doable even for people of this age.

This article was posted by Alex Papaconstantinou, founder of Webhostingology, a site that publishes webhosting deals and news. Webhostingology also supports students in the US via their annual scholarship. In 2017, the topic is about Online Shopping and how students image this to be in 20 years from now!

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