3 Things You Need to Do Once You Hit 50


Posted on: 19 June 2017 by Larissa James

Keep your life active and cheerful after your 50's.

The 50s are a difficult time for most of us as it is a period of transition. It often marks the countdown to retirement and although we often talk about riding off into the sunset with a good retirement savings, the thought of getting old and all that comes with it is never a pleasant one. However, age is only a number and this statement is truer than you may think. We all age differently and a huge factor behind “aging” and the associated health issues is our attitude towards it. So, without further delay, let us now discuss the three things which will help you counteract the physical and psychological effects of getting old.

Pick up an Old Hobby

If there was anything at one point in your life that you really liked doing but had to leave behind as you got busier, pick it up again. Buy a pair of roller skates for women if you were a skater at some point and see how much of it you still remember. Start singing again, pick up the pen and write a few poems, or maybe even go on a clichéd world tour; it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s something that you love. Not only will it help you to stay happy, the memories previously associated with the hobby will make you feel younger again while you make new ones.

Start/Continue Working Out

We all know about the importance of working out and it becomes even more important as you get older. You need to keep those joints mobile, burn the calories and keep the muscles stronger more than ever. It is a clinically proven fact that people who actively work out on a daily basis are not only healthier but also age at a much slower rate. One important thing to remember is that your trainer at the gym should make adjustments to your routine, depending on your physical conditions, so as to avoid any injuries and maximize your efforts.

Eat and Sleep with Diligence

You should always eat balanced meals and sleep at least 8 hours a day, but unless you have a suspiciously light job, you probably have not been able to do either and especially the last one for the better part of your life. However, as we get older, these two things leave the realm of suggestions and step over into direction territory. Our bodies lose the ability to function as well as they used to with each passing year after 25 -30 and once you reach 50, it’s time to take things more seriously than ever. By eating a balanced meal, supplemented with the proper vitamins and actually sleeping for 7 – 8 hours every day, one can stay young and fit for much longer. In fact, the sooner you start doing that, the slower your aging process will be.

If you manage to combine these three tips and follow them religiously as soon as you hit 50 or even sooner, your life and health will, without a shred of doubt, be better than most 50+ people around you. The idea is to not let the social stereotypical definition of a “50-year old woman” define you. It’s about how you feel inside, and once you start feeling good, it will reflect on the outside as well.

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