4 ways retirees can spend their time in health and wellness benefiting activities


Posted on: 27 December 2018 by Emma Thomas

Retirement is one of the most difficult phases a person goes through. All your life you work hard and then there’s time when you say goodbye to your busy daily routine. People may find it boring and hard to pass the time, but there are a lot of ways to spend your time productively. Here are the ways:

All our lives we resent school until we reach a stage where we don’t want college to end. The same can be said about jobs. Most of us hate having to wake up early to meet office needs until late at night. But when the time to retire nears, we realize how habitual we have become of the daily drill.

The sudden change makes retiring seem like a depressing stage of life despite the many obvious perks that come with it. This begs the question; how to keep busy once retired? After all, it seems you have nothing to do anymore.

In truth, there are several amazing ways you can keep yourself engaged along with benefiting your overall health and wellness. Wondering which ways, we’re talking about? We spoke to different individuals who live in Indonesia and they’ve shared how they spend their time in a productive way after they got their retirement. If you also live in the UK and are 56, above or about to be 56, here are some ways you can spend your time after retirement in a smart manner.

If you want to earn a sum

Several people want to continue earning even after retirement. The money coming in makes them feel secure and self-sufficient. Furthermore, as per stats, the majority of people have only 12% of what they need to be saved when retirement is close. In this regard, here are some simple ways you can continue making money and stay busy as well.

Start couponing:

You can start collecting coupons to make the most of any deals available and save money. This would keep the burden on your savings and pensions low as well. If you are able to collect coupons in bulk from different stores such as  Whistles, Caramel, GUESS, Sweatybetty etc. you can even sell them to certain sites that accept coupons to generate income. There are various couponing sites that accept coupons such as retailmenot, savingbro, savings.com and so on.

Work part-time:

Don’t want to give up on the thrill that comes with working? Take up a part-time job. You’ll not only stay engaged and in routine, but also be able to make some bucks. There are several age-appropriate jobs available that don’t require you to stay at the workplace all day, every day.

Work from home:

Do you have any skills or talents that can be used to earn money? Search for home-based jobs online based on these talents. For instance, you can take up a copywriting job or another one that requires your experience but not your physical presence. You can also prepare a course and sell it on Udemy or similar sites. You can offer online classes as well.

Start a side business:

You can also earn by starting a small side business. However, don’t pour your savings into it. You can start an online business too.

If you’re looking for better health

Mostly people believes in retirement by the age of 63 or mostly by 65. So, what about the years after? Are you supposed to stop caring for your health now? No, if anything you need to be much more careful now. This brings us to the healthy ways you can spend your time once the job period is over.

Take in a pet:
A cat or dog would induce the sense of caring about the present which is a great way to keep your mind off the future. Senior adults look at the future with fear and stress. Penny B. Donnenfeld, the psychologist, says that pets can help improve one’s memory as well.
Follow a routine:
Though work is behind you, it is still not a good idea to leave a proper routine behind as well. You see, studies show routine help seniors sleep better. Having a routine instills a sense of contentment and security.
Moving your limbs by following a workout plan that is healthy for your age can keep your cardiovascular system and bones healthy. So, don’t let your body forget the rhythm of movement.
Cook healthier meals:
Now that you have got time on your hands, it would be a good idea to spend it on cooking healthy meals. Perhaps, you can also cook for your loved ones while you’re at it. It is known to everyone that the benefits of healthy eating are vast.
If you want to start a new hobby 
Taking up a new hobby will not only keep you busy but also entertained. After all, there is no age for starting a new interest. You can go for a hobby that keeps you physically or mentally challenged. Here are some hobbies that you can take up to spend your leisure time on. 
Play mind games
Mind games like crosswords, puzzles, etc. can keep your mental gears rolling. This way not only are your cognitive abilities sharpened but your memory is also improved. If you would rather play with a group than alone, try Mahjong. This game requires four players which allows you to stay social. 
Enroll in art or craft classes: 
Arts and crafts can help stimulate not only the mind but also the soul. So much so that, Art Therapy is actually used to improve the quality of life of dementia patients. You can take up coloring, knitting, crocheting, painting, sculpting or any other form of art as a hobby. 
Read books: 
Reading is advantageous when it comes to improving one’s understanding and communication skills. It allows you to jump into the bodies of characters and forget everything else for a while. This reduces stress as well. 
Take up dance classes
Dance classes that are especially for senior adults can help you enjoy yourself and stay in shape. You also get to meet new people and socialize. Dancing can improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. It may also reverse the signs of an aging brain. 
If you want to be productive 
The senior age bracket can make one feel lonely and useless. Best not to dwell on these feelings. This can be done by staying productive. If you want to spend your time in any productive activities, these options below might serve the purpose well. 
Mentor a child or babysit: 
You can spend your hours with children. This way you can teach a few things to them, bond with them and give their parents a break as well. These can be your grandkids, the kids of friends, relatives or neighbors. 
Go for gardening: 
Maintain your lawn. You’ll be doing your body a favor as gardening comes with several health benefits. It increases endurance and mobility. It is also therapeutic. If you live with your children, you’ll also be taking some work off their shoulders. 
You don’t have to join a hectic campaign as a volunteer. You can simply volunteer to help those in need. This will help you stay social and active while dedicating your time to a worthy cause as well. 
Travelling is also productive. You keep learning new things as you explore a new place. You and your spouse or another loved one can go along and enjoy a well-deserved trip. 
There are several ways you can spend your time after retirement. Not only can you keep busy by following these above options but also gain health benefits and feel good. Moreover, you are also able to stay social by living a life that is not limited to lazing your days away. 
Do you have any other bright ideas about how retired adults can spend their free time? Tell us in the comments! 

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