4 Ways To Becoming A Brilliant Journalist


Posted on: 03 July 2019 by Kelly Dimarco

If knowing and writing about the latest updates related to current affairs is your thing, journalism is the perfect career fit for you.

If knowing and writing about the latest updates related to current affairs is your thing, journalism is the perfect career fit for you. Journalism is a great career choice for those who are passionate about storytelling and giving their fresh and unbiased views about any subject. Whether that be politics, science, entertainment, fashion or sports – you are always at the forefront of giving your audience your opinion.

You might be wondering however, how do I even get started? Don’t worry, we have listed down the 4 ways you can now become a journalist.

1) Get a Degree in Journalism

To eventually earn your name in the business and be amongst the crème de la crème, you first need to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Your success will firstly depend on what type of journalism you have majored in and how polished your storytelling and writing skills are. After having accomplished those two things, you can further earn an additional certificate (based on which country you are living in) to become an accredited and distinguished writer.

You can major in the subject you feel best suits you. For example, if you are a crime scene fanatic or something along the lines of that – you might want to take up investigative writing. However, if generally discussing current affairs is your thing, then broadcast journalism is for you.

2) Hone Your Writing Skills

Sure, you may know to write – who doesn’t? But what we are talking about is being proficient in writing on several subjects. Along with you journalism degree, we also highly recommend beginners to take up short yet effective writing courses. There is always room for improvement right?

If you want to learn faster and smarter, learn to practice writing extensively on numerous subjects to really hone your writing skills. You can do this by offering custom essay writing services to students to get as much practice as you need.

This is because sometimes we think can write, until we actually sit down to write and fail to muster up any sense to our sentences. So, whenever you are free – let’s say on the weekends – you want to write a few articles mentioning only your opinion while keeping your target audience in mind.

For a start, you may want to first create your blog. This will allow you plenty of space and freedom to write what you feel whilst improving your writing skills. Once you have written your blog, you may ask a qualified friend, sibling or mentor to check for any errors and give constructive feedback.

3) Building Connections

Like many other professional fields – building strong networks with people within the journalism industry is absolutely necessary. In order to go far down the journalism road, you as a writer must jot down the names of those who have influenced you – this includes reporters, editors and columnists. You should try your level best in setting up meetings with them – this will help you to get a glimpse of how they think, how they talk, how they deal with their demanding job etc.

Accomplished journalists are practically your mentors. They will guide you as to how to go about your job, what to look out for and what to dive into. You can then sit with them and tell them about your professional goals and aspirations – to which they will gladly advise you which path to tread on and which mistakes to stay away from.

4) Internship

Before stepping out on the field of journalism without having prior exposure or experience, you may want to join an internship to get yourself familiar with the journalism industry. This internship will also give you a good dose of exposure of what you are signing up for and give you a slight glimpse of how your life will be on a daily basis.

Being an intern means you will be revising previous story records for reference, checking facts before publishing a story and even edit some pieces of articles before publishing them. In summary, an internship will give you a good knack over becoming an acclaimed journalist.





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