5 actually enjoyable ways to improve your heart health


Posted on: 23 November 2015 by Alan Philpot

Find ways to help maintain your health without having to worry about strenuous activity.

We all know that, in order to maintain a healthy heart and reduce our risk of developing cardiovascular disease, we have to spend time exercising and ensuring that we eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. All of the scientists tell us that this is the best programme to follow, and the heart disease statistics back them up.

However, with deaths due to heart disease in the UK still high, it is possible that the advice isn’t being followed by everyone, and no wonder – it’s a pretty boring ethos to live by. Nobody really likes exercise or fruit and veg, regardless of how much they try to convince you otherwise. They’re just not interesting or fun.

Is it possible, then, to maintain a healthy heart and enjoy (or at least be interested by the process of) doing it? The good news is…yes, it can!

Have a beer once a day

Various studies have indicated that consuming a low amount of alcohol each day (not just beer but also red wine) can raise the level of good cholesterol in your body and lower its bad equivalent. This in turn lowers blood pressure, but it doesn’t mean that you can go out and get hammered every night – too much alcohol, as we know, can be extremely bad for your liver, brain functionality and waistline.

Have sex

Sex is a very physical activity, and counts as one of the most effective forms of exercise you can engage in. University researchers in Bristol found that men (the study centred on men, but women probably benefit too) who have sex twice a week are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems than those who have less sex.

Get a dog

One of the prerequisites when it comes to getting a dog is being able to take it for a walk every day, which is perfect because you both get the benefits of regular exercise. Additionally, the unconditional love and affection that he offers you acts as a tonic for the heart. And if you don’t really want to cover the cost of getting a dog, why not consider rehoming one?

Tape record yourself at night

This is enjoyable because who doesn’t love sleeping? If you’re a sleeptalker, this could be hilarious, but it does have a serious purpose. If you live or sleep alone,you may not realise you have sleep apnoea, a condition that means your breathing stops and starts a lot during the night – it’s usually characterised by snoring, hence the need to record yourself while you sleep. This can lead to blood pressure problems and further complications, so it’s important that you go to the doctor to get it properly diagnosed and treated.

Drive with the air conditioning on

This isn’t an enjoyable activity, per se, but it’s certainly interesting. According to a Harvard study, airborne pollutants can affect your heart in terms of the effectiveness of its reaction to the stresses and strains placed upon it. In order to reduce the effect of these pollutants on your body, use the air conditioning that probably cost extra to include in your car rather than rolling the windows down. 

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