5 Best Shopping Apps for Android


Posted on: 03 March 2018 by Paul Glenn

With technological advancement, more people are embracing online shopping which is even more propelled by the advent of online wallets and payment methods. Online shopping is fast replacing shopping malls and stores. This is due to the use of mobile devices that enable shoppers to pick and pay items from the comfort of homes, offices, or even on the subway. There are tons of mobile apps that you can use for online shopping.

Fone Store the UK's largest phone superstore suggest us the five best shopping apps for Android below.


The free app on Google Play should not miss on the list of the top shopping apps. Most users call it the “mega-mall” as you can get practically any product or item you can think of including beverages and food which can be found on the Amazon pantry. The App also has different deals which if you watch out for can save you lots of money on purchases. The App is easy to understand and simple to use.


EBay is another App that has to be mentioned when talking about online shopping applications. It’s been around for a very long time, and most online shoppers know it or have heard about it. The App enables shoppers to do everything they would do when shopping such as direct purchases, placing bids, and even make sales. It’s not an App you will use every day, but you can always browse through as you never know what you may come across.


Notibuyer is a free shopping App on Google Play that makes the shopping experience fun and enjoyable. Amazingly, using the App, you can create your shopping list on the move, awesome yes? How you wonder? Well, it ensures you can transcribe your list as you read it. There is more! With Notibuyer, you can use your phone’s camera to scan an item and use the App to search for it on the App’s data base.

The most fun thing about notibuyer is that you can create different circles to share your lists with. For instance, you can create a friends circle to share a shopping list for an upcoming barbecue, or you may create a circle where you share shopping lists with family members.


This App is more of a market for indie designers and artists. It is home to over eight hundred thousand sellers and millions of items, so you are sure to find something for yourself. Most of the items on Etsy are limited products. If you are a vendor, the App also allows you to manage your shop. Users are also able to see upcoming events in their localities.


This App is unique in that when you buy “smart items” together, you get to make savings. It has tons of items on sale thus makes it easy for you to find what you want. When you order items of a particular value through the App, you get free shipping, Android Pay support, and one-click-reordering. The App is fun to use and worth a try.

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