5 body parts we tend to neglect to look after


Posted on: 15 September 2015 by Ryan Holman

Many of us take our bodies for granted; we become so wrapped up in our every day lives we forget to check the one thing that enables us going about our business.

While we might wash our hands after using the toilet and book ourselves in for a hair appointment every 6-8 weeks, there are certain parts of our body that many of us neglect to look after properly. 

Here are five you should be taking note of and ensuring you care for: 

Your ears: One of the most important parts of your body, your ears help to maintain your balance, on top of acting as one of the five main senses. The ability to hear the world around you is a beautiful gift so you should be treating your ears as treasures. That means getting them checked regularly by a specialist such as Hidden Hearing and not sticking cotton buds or anything else inside them. You should also refrain from exposing your ears to loud noises, which over time could cause conditions such as Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  

Ears actually have their own hygienic processes and attempting to clean them only pushes wax and bacteria from outside the ear further in, potentially causing build up and infections. Leave your ears alone when it comes to cleaning, turn the headphones down and get them checked regularly. 

Your teeth: You probably think that quickly brushing your teeth twice a day is all you need to do, to keep your mouth nice and clean, but you should be spending much more time on your dental hygiene – not only will it ensure you stay healthy but it will save you money at the dentists. 

We spend £800million a year on dental products but a toothbrush and some fluoride toothpaste should be all you need to care for your teeth properly, however there are some simple rules to abide by: 

  • Don’t brush within an hour of eating – eating impacts on our teeth’s enamel and needs an hour to recover, so brushing straight after can weaken this enamel further.

  • Spend two minutes brushing

  • Don’t rinse with water – rinsing your mouth removes the fluoride from your toothpaste, which needs to carry on doing its job.

  • Most of all DON’T forget to book a regular six month check up at the dentist! 


Your feet:  They carry you from place to place throughout the day but many of us forget to spend time ensuring our feet are in good condition. Fungal infections, hard rough skin and cuts and blisters can all affect our everyday life if not treated or even prevented. Take great care to choose shoes that fit correctly, that you treat any open wounds and keep toenails clean and trimmed at all times. 

While it might sound a bit extreme, flip flops and open shoes in summer can also be pretty harmful, as they harbour more than 18,000 types of bacteria including the deadly Staphylococcus aureus (which can cause skin infections such as boils to more deadly blood, lung and heart problems). When wearing this type of footwear while out ensure you give your feet a thorough clean when you return home.

Your skin: Your skin is one of the biggest organs on your body but you probably don’t spend nearly enough time taking care of it. Here are the five things you must do, to keep yours healthy and looking radiant:

  • Wear sunscreen – every day.

  • Exfoliate regularly – removing those nasty dead skin cells that build up will leave your skin looking healthy and radiant

  • Drink plenty of water and moisturise regularly

  • Change your bath mitt or loofah every two or three months


Your liver:  All organs are important but your liver plays a special part in removing toxins from your body and ensuring everything is clean and healthy under your skin. Look after your liver by drinking plenty of water, consuming less salt in your diet and holding back on the alcohol. The liver does repair itself over time but you can speed up its recovery (or remove its need to do so) by treating it well in the first place. 

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