5 Brilliant Gift Ideas For Women Over 50.


Posted on: 12 April 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

People say life starts at 40, but the truth is the fun doesn’t really begin until 50.

 I recall my younger years when I thought being 50 was old, but as I find myself nearer 50 than ever before my perceptions have changed substantially and this really changed my mind on what I thought made a great gift, turns out I was very, very wrong. So, in order help anyone else from making the same faux pas and creating any awkward social situations, trust me it’s easily done, I have curated a list of 5 fantastic gift ideas for the special women in life who are ready for the fun to begin!

Gin Hamper

A boozy hamper makes a great gift for anyone, but to make it extra special seek out a bespoke gin hamper bursting with exciting flavoured small batch gin, tongue teasing botanicals and tonics more exotic than a tropical island in crystal clear waters. But what makes this so special? Curating your own with the special person in mind will definitely go down a treat, and with the offerings from the likes of Whitley Neil you are sure to find something they love.

Spa Retreat

Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation so why not do it in absolute style and luxury and get the full pamper experience. The UK has a great offering of country retreats and beauty spa’s meaning you don’t have to travel too far from home for a little spa treat, unless you want to of course. Nothing can top having some time to yourself to enjoy the more comfortable side of life, and hey, who doesn’t love cocktails and a hot tub!

Personalised Gift

If you want to show your thoughtful side, then a personalised gift will be perfect for you. The world of personalised products has been growing for many years and as the market further develops the use of these products grows. For me, I think personalised items make perfect gifts as you can show off how much you know about the person, for example if the recipient you are buying for loves long walks in the countryside then a personalised hoodie from Banana Moon would be the perfect present!

Foot Spa

If you want the spa treatment from home then a personal foot spa would make an ideal gift, as they are the perfect way to treat those tired feet and get the special lady feeling on top of the world again. To really make the whole experience a bit more special why not get a selection of calming essential oils, which will fill their home with relaxing aromas.

Cookery Course

With years of experience under her belt there’s probably not a recipe out there she hasn’t tried so why not treat her to a cooking course in a new cuisine. I’m not talking the run of the mill French or Italian, I am thinking somewhere from the middle east or Asia where street food is bursting with flavour and character. Who doesn’t love experimenting with new flavours and cooking techniques?

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