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Posted on: 25 July 2018 by Ethan Singh

Who says, that cleaning can’t be fun? In fact tackling the domestic chores is a great way to do the recommended 150 minutes of physical exercises per week.

For many people cleaning is a necessary boring duty. Whether it will be washing the dishes or organising the living room, there is always what to do around the house. Keeping our home clean is a full-time job and sometimes deprives us of the possibility to engage in other pleasant activities. Who says, however, that cleaning can’t be fun? In fact tackling the domestic chores is a great way to do the recommended 150 minutes of physical exercises per week.
If you are curious to know how doing housework helps you to stay in good shape, check the following tips. 
You have probably many things to do but start with washing the dishes. Stand tall and don’t stoop. We will do a head-to-toe warm up. First, move your head in all directions and after that make several circles. Make some circles with the shoulders as well back and forward. Now stay on your left leg, stretch the right one and lift it up sidewards several times. Do the same with the left leg. Warm up your ankles by moving them in circles and do rope jumping for 1 minute. Then switch to calf raises and continue until you are ready with the dishes. 
Now we are going to train the abdominal muscles. Vacuum all floors while standing tall and move in forward and back motion. Keep your muscles flexed for the entire duration of the vacuuming. After that wash the floors with a hand rag. Stand on the floor prepared for push-ups, place the rug under your hands and start moving them back and forward. When you get tired, stand up, place the rug under your leg and move it in a circular motion. 
Here is a simple exercise that I know from a worker at Chelsea cleaners. It is time to involve the hands in the workout. Washing the windows is a great way to do that. Place paper towel under one hand, the other one you will use for support. Move your feet back as if you are going to do push ups on a wall and start cleaning the glass in circular motion. After 2-3 minutes change hands and if you feel strong try washing the windows with both hands. Scrubbing is another excellent hands exercise. Scrub the kitchen countertops switching hands occasionally. I recommend also wall scrubbing. It is a more challenging exercise, involving reaching up, down and to one side. 
Squats are an important part of every workout session. When you pick up the laundry basket, for example, don’t bend with the upper part of your body or pull in your legs but squat, lowering your butt and keeping the knees in front of your toes. Squat in this way whenever you need to take something from the floor, open the oven, etc.   
Train the legs by doing single leg lunges while you are walking around the house. Do this when you need to move something from one room to another, check if the washing machine is ready or simply when you have nothing to do. 
By implementing these exercises in your cleaning session, you are actually killing two birds with one stone – your home is sanitised and your body energised. Keep in mind, that the minimum amount of the standard workout session is 30 minutes. For this reason, it is advisable to set a timer. If you don’t do it there is every chance to lose count of time. It is also a good idea to play some fast music on, it will help you keep rhythm. Finally, you should wear comfy and flexible clothes that you can simply load in the washing machine later. 

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