5 Easy Tips to Give Your Hair an Everlasting Glow


Posted on: 30 July 2018 by John William

Are you growing older and you are noticing hair fall? Do you wish to have glossy and glowing hairs? Do you want to shine even after you cross 50? Here are some tips our ancestor’s practices. We should follow them to get benefits of black and glowing hairs and looks decent even become older.

Obviously, with the growing age we have grey hair for which we have to colour them. But, these colours have many chemicals that take away the shine and health of the hair even more. Add to that blow drying using various heating straighteners and roller that we use almost on a daily basis. All these things make your hair dull and lifeless with age. To avoid these effects in the very first place, we should take care of our hair from an early age. This will help us to have lustrous and shiny hair when we grow old.

Also, we should be following many tips and techniques that our ancestors used to do because they have a healthy effect on their hair. You must be thinking where to get these tips for glowing hairs. Well, here you go, read on this article for some of the tips for that princess type hair we see in the movies even at the old age.

1.      Healthy Diet

Yes, it is the first and foremost important point to have shiny and healthy hair. Fruits and vegetables are very essential for us as they contain many antioxidants that help in keeping your hair and skin healthy by repairing the damaged cells. Other fruits and vegetables including papaya, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, oranges, strawberries and fruits rich in vitamin C must be included in the diet. Even dairy products like yogurt and milk are also very advantageous for the hair. By the age of 50, it is better to use various supplements as well, because diet alone cannot be enough to fulfil the requirements.

2.      Wash Your Hair Regularly

With the increasing pollution day by day it has become a necessity to wash our hair regularly. Pollution, tension and shampoos filled with chemicals are ruining hair roots every day. Forget the hair of old people; students who are doing essay writing also affect their hair. Tension and stress make their hair weak. It always better to use a mild shampoo on a daily basis. Shampoos with heavy chemicals can also affect your hair.

3.      Oil and Massage

Oiling has been very beneficial since ages. According to a cosmetologist Jumuna Pai, oiling creates a protecting layer on the head which saves it from external polluting factors. She advises to oil your hair at least two times a week. Also, we should massage our hair properly as it increases blood circulation which helps in enhancing the health of the hair and increases the growth rate as well. Conditioning the hair also maintain the rough and dry hair. Good and quality conditioners can tame dry the unhealthy hair. You might have noticed that numerous people oil their hairs daily before going to office to remain energetic while working. Wrapping a hot steamed towel around your hair is also an old way to manage the dull hair. Moreover apply the mixture of organic egg, yogurt, and olive oil is the best natural conditioner anyone can have. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes and then wash with Luke warm water. Never wash your hair with hot water as it makes the hair dull and takes away the moisture.

4.      Hydration is the Key

Moisture is very important for your hair, especially for older people. The most natural way to add the moisture is to drink a lot of water, as it gives the required moisture to your hair. You can also use various supplements along with eating. Experts say that having a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily in the morning can bring about a huge difference. You can also find the capsules of cod liver oil at any supermarket near you.

5.      Don’t stress

Stress adversely affects your health as well as your hair. Hectic schedules and frustrations add on to it. Don’t stress your mind like students do in assignment writing because it takes a toll on your health and hair as well. Stress is one of the common reasons of hair falling and weak hair. Everyone should avoid and take necessary steps to overcome stress specially students because they have to build the nation.

 Just follow these amazing tips and see the magic to your hair.

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