5 Foods to Avoid For Brighter and Whiter Teeth


Posted on: 05 December 2016 by Samuel Trask

Raising the standard of hygiene in schools can not only ensure that children are learning in a safe and welcoming environment, but can also help prevent the spread of germs leading to a decrease in school days being lost due to illness.

We all want our teeth to stay bright and white, contributing to that perfect smile, but unfortunately as we age our teeth will yellow, and to some extent it’s unavoidable. Most of us do take very good care of our teeth with proper dental hygiene such as regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist but sadly some of the food and drink we are most fond of can also be the main culprits when it comes to staining teeth. Take a look at our list of 5 foods you should avoid if you want your teeth to be brighter and whiter.


It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to know that coffee is one of the most common causes of tooth staining. But there is good news for those people who simply can’t function without their daily morning cup of coffee. Adding milk to your coffee can help to decrease its staining effects so you don’t have to give it up altogether. If you do drink a lot of coffee - especially black - then you might want to consider cutting back.


A big part of the superfood trend, blueberries (which are packed with vitamin K and crammed with high levels of antioxidants) have seen a huge rise in popularity recently and whilst there is no denying their healthy properties they are not such great news for the teeth. The bright blue pigments in these delicious berries can stain your teeth. The good news is you don’t need to avoid them, just remember to brush and floss after eating to minimise the impact.

3.Acidic Fruits

Whilst citrus fruits do not actually stain your teeth, they can eat away at the enamel on the surface of your teeth, which makes it much easier for other foods to discolour your teeth. This is also true for other highly acidic foods as well. As with any other foods on this list you can reduce the damage by rinsing your mouth after you have consumed them. If you are eating citrus fruits to boost your daily vitamin intake, then consider swapping to other fruits such as bananas and apples.


If you have ever spilt curry on an item of clothing, then you will know how much it can stain and just how hard it can be to get the stain out, so why should your teeth be any different? Turmeric, a key spice in many curries, is in fact often used a natural plant dye. Before you step away from the curry for good remember that if you are rinsing your mouth out after eating it then you should be reducing the effects of all those teeth staining spices.

5.Tomato Sauce

The kind of tomato sauce you dip your chips into but also the tomato sauce that is used as a base for any good tomato based dish can stain your teeth. The effects can be reduced by eating a green vegetable such as broccoli or spinach first, as this coats the teeth with a protective layer so the stain doesn’t stick.

What to do if they’re stained already?

Sadly, sometimes even if you do avoid those foods that stain teeth, or brush immediately after eating them your teeth can become dull and discoloured. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence. So if it gets to this stage with your teeth, making you self-conscious in social situations then it might be worth discussing cosmetic teeth whitening with a professional dentist to regain both that bright white smile and the confidence you have lost.

For advice on cosmetic dentistry and whitening treatments then contact Portobello Dental.


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