5 Fun Ideas for School Fundraising


Posted on: 03 November 2016 by John Bell

The parents among us will no doubt be familiar with trying to help the local school raise additional funds for the academic year - in this post we take a look at 5 of the most popular fundraising ideas for schools.

When it comes to sending our kids to school, it goes without saying that we all hope for the highest possible standards of education and the most positive experience for our children. But in reality, with ever-tightening local council budgets and an increasing young population to be educated, schools don’t always have the resources and funding required to ensure every pupil gets the attention, facilities and guidance they need through their formative years.

In the majority of cases, schools are left with a budget gap that often leaves them unable to buy new equipment where it’s needed, fund educational trips or even properly staff entire departments. To correct this, most schools will look to raise their own funds, often in combination with the PTA, staff and their pupils.

But raising money isn’t always easy, particularly if the schools are trying to make it fun and rewarding for both the pupils and their families, whilst retaining the core goal of raising as much money as possible.

So in this post we’ll have a quick look at five of the most popular fundraising ideas for schools, taken from this brilliant infographic from IQ Cards. So let’s dive straight in:

1.       Bake sale

In 2015, approximately £185m was raised by bake sales alone in the UK, making it one of the most effective fundraising techniques. It’s also fairly easy to set up, simply get friends and students to contribute baked goods, which are then sold on school premises to raise funds. You can do this over the course of a few days (or on a specific day each week), or at one big party with all the pupils, staff, parents and family friends invited.


2.       Craft sale

Obviously similar to the above idea, except in this case you encourage the children at the school to get creative and produce craft-based products that can be sold. If the school is fully involved in the creative process, each class can be given a theme or something specific to create, giving you lots of products to sell to raise funds.


3.       Summer fair

One of the most fun fundraising ideas for parents, teachers and pupils alike, a summer fair can make use of volunteers to run various activities and sales for people to come and enjoy. You can make money just from the activities and stalls, or you can even sell tickets ahead of time.


4.       School dance

Kids all love a school dance or disco, and it can be a great way to combine a fun activity with raising money. You can sell tickets, sell refreshments and if there are local bands available (particularly within the school itself) you can even hold a ‘battle of the bands’ at the event to save money on entertainment and add a bit of additional fun into the evening.


5.       Wear what you like day

A particular favourite of schools in the UK, students are encouraged to wear whatever they like (whether that’s fancy dress or just their normal comfortable clothes rather than school uniform) in return for a small donation to the school. They’re always hugely popular and a great way to regularly raise additional funds for any school or college. 

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