5 Important Tips For Maintaining a Treadmill


Posted on: 08 March 2017 by Kate Harding

5 Important Tips For Maintaining a Treadmill

Dust Often And Wipe Away Sweat and Dirt

Dust may seem harmless, but it has the ability to get deep into parts and cause a number of different problems especially as it builds up over time. You should dust all parts of the best treadmill often, including the screen, underneath the belt, on the sides of the belt and even on the handles. Anywhere that dust can build up should be cleaned whenever possible to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear. Wiping away sweat and dirt is important as well, as those can be corrosive.


Set Up Your Treadmill on Flat Ground

Something as simple as treadmill setup can make a huge difference in how long your treadmill lasts and how well it performs. Treadmills are meant to be on flat, level ground, preferably on some type of mat so that they do not move around when you run on them. A moving treadmill that tilts at all is going to receive a great deal of abuse and will break down easily.


Don’t Go At the Fastest Speeds Often

Treadmills have a horsepower system that affects how fast they can go. If you bought a walking treadmill one that is only designed to go as high as 6 miles per hour you should not be running on it often. 6 miles per hour is a 10 minute mile and a perfectly acceptable pace for most aerobic exercisers. But on a walking treadmill with a 6 mile per hour maximum, that 6 MPH represents the motor working at full time as hard as it can. If you are planning on running at 6 MPH, make sure you are buying a treadmill that can run easily at 12 MPH, so that the motor isn’t working as hard when you run at 6.


Tighten and Replace Belts

Belts are some of the first things to wear down on a treadmill. Try to tighten them often in order to improve their lifespan as well as help your treadmill work more seamlessly. In addition, try to replace the belt whenever it appears to be wearing thin in order to keep yourself safe.


Get Regular Maintenance

If you have a professional maintenance person check your treadmill once every year or so, you can avoid many of the major, more expensive problems that can occur that would call for complete replacement of the system. There are various professional equipment maintenance professionals that are more than willing to come to your house to check out the equipment and make sure it is all in working order, and the small cost can save you a great de

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