5 Luxury Travel Destinations around the World


Posted on: 05 March 2016 by Paul Smith

Travelling means different things to different people. While some love to go backpacking and exploring new places, for others vacation means relaxing and pampering themselves.

5 Luxury Travel Destinations around the World

Travelling means different things to different people. While some love to go backpacking and exploring new places, for others vacation means relaxing and pampering themselves. If your idea of a holiday equates to comfortable beds, spacious rooms, breathtaking views, spa treatments and butler services, you must look for luxury travel destinations. In fact, there are several places that would provide you with luxurious facilities, and not just in the developed and powerful countries. Luxurious hotels, restaurants and spa treatments are also available in developing countries. However, if you are looking for the ultimate luxury, we have come up with 5 travel destinations that would definitely blow your mind.












Singapore is one of the most luxurious in the world. Immaculate, organized and marvellous, Singapore is home to several boutique and luxurious hotels that offer world-class services. Apart from the services, the interiors of most of these hotels are super-amazing and to-die-for. Some of the hotels that provide absolute luxury and indulgence are Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt Hotels and Resort as, Fairmont Hotels, etc.

Apart from luxurious living, Singapore also offers luxury when it comes to food and shopping too. While Singapore is well-known for its street food, it is also the proud owner of several gourmet and luxurious restaurants. The Knolls, Casia, Waku Ghin, Clifford, etc. are few of the restaurants where you can enjoy a lavish fine dining experience. On the other hand, when it comes to shopping, you would find stores of most of the top international brands in Singapore.

However, just because Singapore is a luxurious city, it does not score low points when it comes to beautiful landscapes and natural beauty. The city is filled with greenery and has several natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.  In short, Singapore is a city that would offer you comfort, entertainment and fun all at the same time. If you wish to visit this amazing city, book your tickets and apply for a Singapore visa, today!












Another city that has taken over the world with its growth, progress and luxurious facilities is Dubai, the Emirate city of UAE, located in the Middle East. While Dubai belongs to an Islamic state where religion is followed quite religiously when it comes to following the rituals as well as the dress code, it has not affected the growth and development of the place. The city is swarmed with some of the most amazing modern buildings and traditional monuments.

Dubai is the only place in the world that has a seven star hotel, which is the Burj Al Arab. Apart from the Burj Al Arab, which is a paramount of style, comfort and luxury, there are several other luxury hotels in and around Dubai. Hotel Atlantis the Palm, Fairmont Dubai, Ritz-Carlton, The Address Dubai Marina, Kempinski Hotel, etc. are just some of the hotels where you can experience the opulence and lavishness of Dubai. Most of these hotels have private beaches where you can enjoy water sports and watch the beautiful sea too.

Some other things that symbolize the luxury of Dubai include the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building not only in UAE but also in the world), the Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world with 1200 branded retail stores, large aquarium, huge food court and several entertainment options), the Palm Island (largest manmade island shaped like a palm tree), etc. Dubai also offers special luxury desert safari and dhow cruise options for those interested.












Paris is well-known for its Eiffel Tower as well as for the fact that it is the most romantic cities in the world. Apart from these two things, Paris is also popular for the luxury it offers not only to its citizens but also to the tourists. The best thing about the hotels in Paris is that while they offer all the modern luxuries and amenities, they still have the old world charm which adds to their glamour. Some of these hotels are run by third generation of the people who started them and still retain the style and feel of the olden times. Some of the hotels in Paris where you ought to stay if ultimate indulgence and luxury are what you are looking for include Hotel Raphael, Trocadero Residence, Hotel Lancaster, Le Royal Monceau, La Reserve Paris, Le Bristol Paris, etc.

Other than luxurious stay, Paris also offers luxurious cafes and restaurants too. The various restaurants and cafes would definitely entice you not just for their food and drinks but also for their ambience. Another thing that Paris is famous for is shopping. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and the perfect place for you if you love to keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest designs and collections. Apart from eating, shopping and relaxing, Paris is also pleasing to the eye as it is home to some of the beautiful monuments and museums which would keep you hooked to this amazing city.













Exquisite is the word that describes Venice perfectly. Venice is an Italian city of canals, rivers, sandy beaches, a million alleyways, iconic buildings and a charming culture. All this would make it easy for you to fall in love with this place. Aside all this, Venice also offer luxurious and comfortable accommodation to its tourists. The prestigious hotels of Venice are a perfect blend of modern day amenities, luxury and beauty.

If you want to experience tranquillity in the midst of magnificence, choose to stay at Ca Maria Adele. Palazzo Barbarigo is a great place to stay at in Venice. While the interiors of the place are beautiful, the real USP of the place is that it is located right on the Grand Canal. Some other hotels in Italy that you would enjoy are Palazzina G, Aman Venice, I Qs, DD724, etc. Venice is also the perfect place to indulge in some luxurious shopping. Home to two of the most luxurious brands, Gucci and Prada, you will find the latest collections to add to your own personal collection. Another thing that Venice or Italy is famous for is the delicious food. There are several great restaurants and cafes that serve the best Italian dishes.












Not many think of Sydney as a luxury travel destination. However, this Australian city has everything that can indulge and pamper you to your heart's content. While the landscapes that the city offers are breathtaking, the hotels and buildings of Sydney are chic and glamorous too. Sydney is a land where you would not only find 4 and 5 star hotels but lot of boutique hotels and resorts too. Moreover, you would also find the most beautiful beach resorts here. A few of those that you are sure to fall in love with are Pretty Beach House at Tallow Beach, The Noreaster at Pacific Palms, Pacific Road House at Palm Beach, etc. While the hotels in Sydney provide all the luxuries and comforts that you can imagine, the city itself would keep you engaged and entertained. Sydney is filled with zoos, nature trails, beaches, national parks, monuments, cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. Each day would show you something new about this wonderful city of Australia.

An important thing that you ought to remember is that luxury comes with a great price, and all these luxurious cities are also the most expensive ones. Hence, you need to plan carefully if you do not want to go bankrupt. On the other hand, you would get an experience that is worth for your money. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite city today, and get ready to be pampered in the best possible way! 

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