5 Reasons Why Learning Piano as an Adult is Easy


Posted on: 22 February 2018 by Larissa James

How music is keeping your brain active and learning piano seems not to be a difficult task any time of your life.

Learning a musical instrument as an adult is not that common because of the belief that adults have already passed the learning stage. They think that it’s a lot easier learning things when you’re young. Learning a musical instrument has many advantages and it’s only ideal to use them as there’s no age limit for doing so.

One of the common musical instruments learned by children is the piano. Most people believe that playing the piano is complex and only the gifted and young can learn this instrument. What they don’t know is that there are actual advantages of learning the piano as an adult compared to learning it as a kid.


 1.Adults Learning to Play the Piano is Voluntary

Children are usually forced by their parents to learn skills such as ballet, soccer, or playing the piano and it doesn’t mean that they’re always willing. Unlike children, adults voluntarily learn things for their personal goals.

Adults have their own motivations to learn and master playing the piano. Most piano teachers would teach children the usual piano songs as opposed to adults who have the capacity to discover a wide variety of piano songs to learn.

 2. Adults Have More Focus and Discipline

For children, it’s not always easy to focus on the lessons that the tutor is giving when they are learning how to play the piano. Adults have the advantage when it comes to being focused and disciplined driven by the idea of simply playing music and doing what pleases them. They also have the capability of choosing to play the pianobecause it challenges them.

3. Adults Can Understand Complexity

Because of the fully developed brain and understanding, adults have the advantage of comprehending complexity. Understanding the mechanics of a piano and the different key combinations will make playing the piano easier. Adults often strive for perfection and a chance to be better. So, aside from limiting yourself to just basic songs, you can actually learn the complex ones as each gets easier.

4. Adults Can Relate to Music

Exposure to music all your life can make learning piano easier. As children, being exposed to music combined with learning notes can be very overwhelming which often leads to failure. As adults who know what type of music they like, it will be easier to focus on that. Adults like the music they heard when they were younger because they are able to relate to it more than what they hear on the radio at present.

5. Adults Do it for Fun

Since you are not being coaxed into doing what you don’t like, the main goal of playing the piano is to have fun. There’s a certain sense of fulfillment when you are able to learn something especially if it’s as intimidating as playing the piano. While anything that is foreign and new is intimidating at first, knowing that you’re having fun can make the process easier and faster.


Overall, learning to play the piano as an adult can be very satisfying and quite easier than you think it is. One of the greatest motivations is having the chance to play for your family and friends. So, it’s never too late to be musically inclined and start learning how to play the piano!

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