5 tips for maintaining glowing skin when you’re over 50


Posted on: 01 May 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

Thanks to unhealthy diets, smoking, drinking and environmental factors, the 50-year olds of yesteryear often looked at least a couple of decades older.

And one of the tell-tale signs of premature ageing was pale, wrinkled skin that sagged permanently instead of remaining firm.

But although many of us have healthier bodies than our parents did at the same age, it’s not as easy keeping skin pert and primed.

So if you want to look fresh and fit as a fiddle when you hit that half century, here are five tips for maintaining glowing skin when you’re over 50.

  1. Quit sugar

When you love chewing chocolatey treats and practically inhale sweet pastry products, your face can appear spotty, greasy and pallid.

Sugar binds to natural collagen so your skin becomes rigid and it also inflames conditions like acne.

But quitting sugar really improves skin — with visible results in as little as two weeks.

  1. More water

Drinking natural spring water helps cleanse your system of toxins as well as stocking up on healthy minerals like calcium and iron.

And a cold bath is a terrific way to revive your skin and replenish its natural oils — while a cold compress can iron out those pesky under-eye wrinkles.

So before splashing out on expensive treatments, ensure you’re hydrated inside and out.

  1. Organic skincare

If you use lots of make-up and don’t cleanse effectively, it might clog your pores — leading to troublesome conditions like acne.

But switching to natural skincare products that contain ingredients like avocado and apricot can prevent spots and blemishes developing and keep your face looking toned and taut.

So when you want an awesome aura, opt for organic products as often as possible.

  1. Exercise

Leaping into some lycra and heading for the gym is another excellent way to care for your skin, as well as maintaining your overall physical and mental health.

After age 40, the outer layer of the epidermis tends to thicken and become flaky, while the layer underneath thins — making faces flop like Droopy the cartoon dog.

But researchers at McMaster University in Ontario believe that exercising at least twice a week can result in older keep-fit fans having skin that looks and feels 20 years younger. 

  1. Sex

Whether it’s more akin to a sprint or a marathon, sex counts as a form of exercise.

But it’s particularly good for your skin because associated blood flow provides an oxygen boost that creates an amazing afterglow.

And through reducing stress hormone cortisol, it stimulates the collagen that promotes suppleness and elasticity.

So head to the bedroom regularly if you want to look young and feel fabulous.

Follow these five tips for maintaining glowing skin when you’re over 50 and your radiance will light up any room you enter.

How do you maintain healthy skin? Share your tips in the comments section.

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