5 Ways To Start Enjoying Exercise This Year


Posted on: 20 February 2016 by Ashley Mills

Exercising is important for our health and if you want to take pride in the way your body looks and feel good about your general health, then making your workout sessions fun is the best way to incorporate it into your daily schedule. Making it a habit is a great way to ensure you get enough exercise and the more you enjoy working out, the more likely you will stick to your regime.

1. Health Retreats 
One of the best ways to learn more about making exercise fun is to go abroad on an educational yet fun holiday health retreat where you can take part in different exercise routines that are easy to use in your everyday life. These specialist retreats will help you to get the motivation you need to stick to a plan and they will often include all of the following:
• Accommodation for one week
• Free airport transfers 
• Fitness sessions run by qualified trainers 
• Fun workouts that you can do at home 
• Healthy meals and snacks 
These retreats will usually have facilities and amenities on-site that make it easy to want to workout, such as swimming pools. They will also teach you the importance of moving about every day, even if you just take the dog for a walk for an hour. Portugal is a great place to visit to attend a retreat like this, as it is home to stunning beaches and a picturesque coastline that is great to explore on foot. 
2. Pump up the Volume 
Why exercise in silence when you can play your favourite tunes to get you going? Crank up some fast songs and get your adrenaline pumping while you exercise and you can do this at home on your stereo or with your iPod or MP3 player outdoors. 
3. Exercise Alone 
Exercising isn’t all about spending lots of time and money in classes and groups. In fact, you can do a lot of different exercises in your own home and this can make exercise far more enjoyable as there isn’t any pressure like there is with a group. 
4. Exercise with Friends 
If you need more motivation, you can have lots of fun exercising with friends:
• Take them with you to spin class
• Go on a health retreat together 
• Run with your friends 
Working out with a workout buddy can help you to enjoy exercising more. 
5. Change your Routine 
Don’t just stick to the same exercises all of the time, as this will get boring and you will lose your motivation to keep going. You can attend a health retreat to get new ideas on how to keep fit or you can watch a different YouTube video every week. 
Try jogging in your local park a couple of nights a week, then jog in the woods, at the back of the beach or around a lake for the rest of the month and the change of scenery can make exercising far more fun.

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