5 Ways you can Integrate Technology into your Workouts


Posted on: 08 June 2016 by Gael Milton

Getting the motivation to become fit is tough. It is often one of the things you most think about, with an action plan to "do it tomorrow."

Getting the motivation to become fit is tough. It is often one of the things you most think about, with an action plan to "do it tomorrow." However, in a lot of cases, that tomorrow never comes. Using technology to streamline your workouts can help you set goals, stay motivated, and help you stay on track to meet your ultimate fitness goals. Everyone's goal is different, and using the right technology can help you understand that.   1. Monitoring Devices   One of the most popular ways to integrate technology into fitness goals is by wearing a monitoring device that tracks your steps, measures your heart rate, and helps you set goals. It is a great recommendation to reach 10,000 steps a day, but who has the time and patience to count each step? (And remember, each step counts!) In addition to exercise, many of these monitors can measure movement, calories burned, sleep patterns, and blood oxygen levels. Some of the most popular devices include the Fitbit, Nike + Fuel, and Garmin Vivo fit.   2. Fitness Apps   If the idea of wearing a device is a bit foreign to you, you can track many of the same things that a monitoring device will by simply using an app. These apps track your progress through your mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android, and many of the apps are terrific for runners, as they measure mileage and distance.   3. Training and Exercising Online   This is a step above the old VHS workout tapes, which means you can receive personalized workouts and fitness routines through an online portal. Similarly, you can use YouTube or other streaming sites to follow along with group workouts for free, right in the privacy of your own home. There are some companies that can provide you with a personal online trainer through your computer or tablet.   4. Eating Healthier Through Technology   Workouts are only one piece of the puzzle to a healthy lifestyle. There are many online sites and apps that can help you track eating, which assists with getting you on the road to eating better. Some apps go as far as to tell you in which areas you need nutrition. Perhaps you need some nutritional supplements to help you along, such as the ones sold by GymJunkies, and these apps can help tell you where you are deficient.   5. Using Social Media   It's also a good idea to join others in a Facebook group, through an app, or through other social media outlets to remain accountable. If you set a goal, it's much easier to keep it if you've announced it to friends via the internet. This is a good motivator and keeps everyone on track.   Closing Thoughts   The best way to optimize your workouts with technology is to use some type of tracking. Whether you opt for a monitoring device, want to use an app, or simply want to compare with friends via social media, this is the best way to optimize your workout in the digital age.

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