50s Fashion Faux Pas


Posted on: 27 March 2017 by Abel Gerber

When it comes to feeling and looking incredible over 50, celebrities like Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Annette Bening are killing it. What they ‘lack’ in youth, they make up for in knowledge about all things fashion and how to look beautiful in any outfit.

Hitting your 50s isn’t the end of fashion following: There’s no rule automatically leading you into a life of fleece and matching pants. And whilst there’s no real rules on what to wear, there are a few fashion faux pas examples to be aware of to take your 20-something chic into over 50s sleek.

We’ve created the perfect list of fashion faux pas, as well as hints and style tips to create your killer capsule wardrobe. Remember, quantity isn’t always related to quality, and capturing a few quality items to be used over and over again, can pay off much more than a wardrobe full of clothes on the bedroom floor whilst you get ready. We’ve all been there, and it is not something you should be re-visiting in your 50s.


Foundation and Make-up

Wearing make-up is probably second nature to us by the time we’re 50, so cutting off entirely could cause a little withdrawal! However, foundation is a thick substance that can weigh down the skin when we need to build it up.

Using toners and night creams will help to eliminate and boost those deep lines or wrinkles around the eyes and mouth to keep your youth glowing through. Therefore, a light foundation or a little concealer for covering blemishes can go a longer way. Natural, light makeups will leave the skin softer and perkier. A natural shade of lip liner and stick will lead you to make up success, too.
Don’t: Wear too much heavy foundation and make-up
Do: Use natural and light make up products and night creams to cover lines and blemishes

Tailored Clothing

Some things never go off trend – especially when looking in the work-wear section of your favourite high street shops. Whilst some new trends may opt for baggy t-shirt dresses, low-rise unshaped jeans and jumpers that cover any shape of your body, work-wear will forever stay tailored.

Jackets and blazers, slim fit jeans and a few cute shirts are ideal for slimming your figure and keeping with the trends. These classic items add shape to your body, instead of hiding it away! Instead of taking fashion tips from your grandchildren, try and shop for your shape, and find timeless items that make you feel great.

Don’t: Wear baggy clothing to try fit your grandchild’s style
Do: Find elegant, fitting pieces that make you feel slim and confident


Kendall Jenner is all about the no-bra life, stating ‘bralette or nothing’ as her life motto. But wearing everything on show might not be the best idea for everyone, especially the older we get.

Booking yourself in for a bra fitting will save you a lot of hassle when the inevitable bra shop comes along. Find supportive underwear that boosts shape and leaves you with a firm bosom can bring back your confidence and make you feel sexy all over again!

If you’re feeling a little uncomfortable in your weight or body shape, add a few confront pants or spanx to the basket to give you a smoother, slimmer look for those special occasions.

Don’t: ‘Free the Nipple’ like Kendall
Do: Opt for shaping underwear and fitted bras to keep you feeling sexy

Accessories Overkill

We’re all guilty of a little outfit-OCD, but matching our nails with our bag, shoes, earrings and even bobble doesn’t actually look as good as we expect. In fact, it comes across a little ‘wannabe’ which none of us want.
Matching a few statement items from the latest trends on the high street is the simple solution to down-sizing your wardrobe whilst keeping it fresh with the times.

Statement items can add splashes of colour to your outfit whilst also giving you a reason to do a little retail therapy every new season…But be careful not to overdo the accessories: If you’re already wearing a new ring, shy away from a bracelet and opt for a necklace instead. If you’re wearing a scarf, perhaps ear studs are the way forward, instead of necklaces and dangly earrings.

Don’t: Match everything and overkill accessories
Do: Find on trend, statement accessories

Comfort Yet Stylish

At any age, we can all appreciate the comfort of a pair of crocs, a fleece and some joggers. Because who doesn’t like an elasticated waistline whilst catching up on Netflix or giving the house a spring clean? But, it’s possibly a good idea to keep these items as scruffs; for doing the garden, lounging in the house and not going out in…

Don’t divulge yourself too much into the comfort of these items, and forget there’s a whole range of trendy outfits and shoes just waiting for you to try them on! Non-heeled boots, dolly pumps and plimsolls all exist over 50, so slide those crocs into the garage and get shoe shopping!

Similarly, a long cardigan with a belt will give a stylish look on a winter’s day, whilst light, flowing harem pants can give you all the benefit of elasticated joggers, but with more subtly and style.

And hey, never forget about leggings! Whilst we wouldn’t suggest leggings with cropped tops to anyone, leggings under dresses and shirts will definitely keep you feeling youthful, looking great, and comfortable for the whole day.

Don’t: Give up on elegant shoes and proceed to a life of trainers
Do: Find a comfortable and stylish capsule wardrobe

Personality vs. Trend

Like we said at the beginning of this post, there are no rules. There’s nothing stopping you wearing anything you want to, but keeping an eye on trends and making them work for you is a great way to feel stylish and comfortable.

What’s most important is that you show your stunning personality through your clothes. If you aren’t the sort to wear blazers with shirts and jeans – don’t start now! Remember to stay true to your style and work with this to create your over 50 capsule wardrobe. This way, you’ll feel beautiful wearing anything – even if it’s just for nipping to the shops.

Don’t: Forget to show your personality
Do: Love yourself and flaunt it!

Other key points to remember is that what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your body. Good eating habits, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise all play a part in keeping that youthful glow. And don’t forget that keeping your teeth free of stains will go a long way, plus brighter teeth will make more likely to want to flash that lovely smile!

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