6 Activities To Feel Young In Your Fifties


Posted on: 13 June 2018 by Suzanne Elly

If you don’t want to be considered elderly or even feel old, then read on to learn about activities that you and your friends can do on any weekend that you desire:

Age is just a number if you have the strength to prove it, right? The forties, fifties or even sixties cannot pull away from the fact that your heart is still young and ready for new experiences.

If you don’t want to be considered elderly or even feel old, then read on to learn about activities that you and your friends can do on any weekend that you desire:

1. Camping

Camping in your fifties is a unique experience altogether. Sleeping inside a tent, catching your food on the spot and living a fearless, adventure-filled life will make you feel younger and happier because the true essence of life lies in living off the edge. So, call up your lads, and make a plan for the coming weekend because the fifties is a tricky age, but you can live to its fullest potential if you are willing to take up any adventure that comes your way.

2. Road Trip With Friends

Rent a convertible and disappear in the wind with your mates right now. A road trip with friends is the most cherished experience that you can have, and if you are in your fifties, then you can push it up a notch by renting your dream cars and staying at luxurious hotels to live the most of your golden age. Prove to the world that no number can stop you from having a perfect experience with your loved ones.

3. Second Stag Do

If you have been there; done that, then don’t lose hope because there is no end to the creativity of stag do activities. If you have been to a strip club before, then call in an anti-stripper this time; if you have been to the skydiving range, then scuba-diving can be experienced this time; if you have beaten your friends in a high-speed car race, then beat them at a shooting range now. No matter what you have already done, there’s always something new to try. Plan it right and fly away!

4. Skinny dipping

Have you ever experienced the thrill of diving buck naked into the cold river? Better late than never! Choose your birthday weekend to have the thrill of a lifetime by jumping in the river buck naked, with your mates, at night, and as an add-on, you all can have a competition of who stays the longest in the water. Let’s see which one of the oldies is up for some chilling experience!

6. Get A Tattoo

If you don’t have a tattoo yet, then getting one now is the right decision. It may be your dream to have an anchor or a pen tattoo on your bicep but never had the guts to do it, right? Well, now you don’t have to answer to anyone! So, choose your desired design, go to a popular tattoo studio and don’t think twice then! Know it will be permanent; so choose your design carefully!

7. Jukebox Dance Off And Karaoke

Choose one: Dance or karaoke? Do you want both? Well, you can! Invite your friends and family over, and have a jukebox dance off to see who moves the smoothest among all. The night can end with a family karaoke session to irritate your young ones and have a blast with your mates. No matter how out of tune you or your friends are; what matters is the feel of spending an entertaining night with your loved ones. It does not require a massive setup, so if you want, you can have a session once every month also.

Already in a fun mood, isn’t it?

Be it your second stag do or an ordinary weekend getaway; you need to make the most of it by planning it well and doing activities that can make you feel younger than your actual age.

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Suzanne Elly

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