6 Important Things to Keep in Mind to Work Like a Makeup Artist


Posted on: 08 February 2017 by Mike Adams

If you are planning to makeup like a celebrity, you should definitely follow some exciting makeup ideas used by leading makeup artists. Being experienced and expert in their field, they apply some special tricks to do flawless makeup and to fix it for a long time. Here are some secrets of leading makeup artists –

Use of Loose Powder

So,what all you know till now about using a loose powder is finishing the makeup with a layer of loose powder in order to fix it, right? Well, many makeup artists are there to use this beauty product in many different ways. Have you ever thought about using the loose powder as a dry shampoo for your hair? If no, try this time as it is a golden trick to get rid of sticky hair instantly. Similarly, you can sprinkle loose powder over the coat of mascara to make your eye lashes thick.

Reliable Balm

Have you ever thought about using a balm more than a hydrating agent? If no, it’s time to give your balm the chance of playing an important role for highlighting and blurring your eye shadow. This will not only provide moisture to the skin but also offer a soft look. Another secret to reveal is that a good balm can turn your powder blush into a cream blush. You just need to add some balm in the blush, mix it properly and tap it on your cheeks which should be followed by proper blending.

Friendly Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the biggest friend of a woman and makeup experts too use this cosmetic product. You might have been using this product for hydrating your skin. one of the favorite trick with moisturizer that makeup artists like involve its mixture in foundation, eye shadow, blush or concealer in order to dilute the cosmetic product. This makes the product easily applicable and suitable for blending. This makes the product lighter and adds luminosity in the product.

Velvet Touch to Lipstick

Providing velvet touch to your lipstick is easy by using a bit of blush or eye shadow with your regular lipstick. Just apply your go to lipstick and then add a bit of blush or eye shadow over it. Spread properly and enjoy the super matte finishing. Don’t forget to set your lipstick with a makeup spray.

Waxing Up Lips

The idea of waxing up your lips is good for a trendy look. For this purpose you can use your wax eyebrow pencil as a lipliner. It seems weird? But the results are really promising. You can pick a good brown colored brow pencil to line your lips as it keeps away the fading and feathering of lips.

Big Lash Look

Grabbing that interesting big sized lash look is not impossible now. A leading bridal makeup artist says that the idea of stacking two thin lashes with each other and then applying them on your real lashes for fuller look. Their bands should be thin enough to look natural.

So, these are the best working makeup tricks used by makeup artists all around the world.

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Lisa Wond posted 29 October 2019

Some of those definitely are legit but I think that it's possible to make this list twice bigger easily.

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