6 Safety Tips When Starting a New DIY Home Project


Posted on: 22 August 2018 by David Koller

Through this article, you may get to know on how to keep yourself safe while doing a diy project at your home.

Do-it-yourself projects are quite popular among many people. Maybe it’s because they are confident in their ability to create exactly what they imagined or because they are trying to save some money. However, no matter how confident you are in your skills, you need to keep safety in mind. Take a look at these tips to avoid going to the emergency room.

Read and follow the instructions

Before you start any work, make sure you read the manual thoroughly. Pay special attention to safety measures and directions. Check the switches on tools and appliances to make sure they are off before you plug them in. Additionally, read all the labels on the material you’ve purchased as well.

Handle tools carefully

The first thing you have to do is inspect all the tools. If you see any damage, have it repaired or replaced. Handle them with care; don’t carry them by the cord or yank the cord when unplugging them. Even if you consider yourself a veteran, don’t try to show off. Always keep both hands on the power tool. Get blade guards for your saws, be aware of the kickback and always position yourself safely when using it.

Get proper attire

Sure, old jeans and a T-shirt are great if you just plan on painting your house; however, if you are doing some serious work, you need clothing that is protective and durable. If you work with loud tools, use earplugs to protect your ears. Additionally, don’t forget about your eyes and get high-quality safety goggles and a dust mask that will protect you from debris, dust, dirt, corrosive liquids etc. In case you plan on welding, get a proper helmet.

When deciding on the clothes, make sure to avoid too loose and long-sleeved shirts as they can easily get caught in the machinery. Go for poly-cotton blends that won’t wrinkle and are stain-resistant. As far as pants are concerned, canvas and twill will provide you with protection and extra pockets. They also have heavy-duty buttons and zippers and reinforced seams. Some pants even offer knee pads. Moreover, proper footwear is crucial for DIY projects. It has to offer support, flexibility and protection. Getting some Australian style work boots with shock-absorbing midsoles can reduce the fatigue and minimize leg and back pain. Don’t forget about your hands and get high-quality gloves, too.

Be wary of your surroundings

When handling power tools, you need to be aware of who is coming in and out of the workspace. If you have any kids and pets, you need to explain to them that the area is off-limits. Be mindful of any sharp edges and always put power tools away safely. A clean space is a safe space, so store all the dangerous tools and materials on high shelves or in locked cabinets. Additionally, make sure that the work area is well-lit.

Keep a first-aid kit nearby

There are bound to be some scratches, scrapes and smaller injuries during your project. Make sure you have a first-aid kit nearby in order to address those accidents in a timely manner. Keep it stocked at all times. However, if you see that an injury is more serious than you originally thought, don’t hesitate to go to the ER immediately.

Hire professionals

Even if you are completely confident that you can do everything on your own, there are still some areas that require professional help. In some countries, like Australia, for example, it is illegal to do your own electrical work. It’s much better to find a licensed local electrician to handle all of this for you. The same goes for any gas repairs and upgrades.


Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind. All projects can be redone, but your health is something you should not risk. So, get proper gear and tools and be careful when doing a home project on your own. 

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