6 Signs of Faulty Windows and Doors


Posted on: 31 January 2019 by Tom Clark

Inspect existing windows and doors to never compromise on home’s appearance and performance. Know some signs of inefficiency and make decisions accordingly.

Living in a home that was constructed decades ago, inhabitants are left with the need of making some changes at any time soon in the future. Whether they notice faulty windows and doors or do not like the exterior, it is always necessary not to ignore any problem.

Upon giving a look over the façade, owners can immediately realize that homes are aging over time and the time has finally come to make some upgrades. It doesn’t matter how much they take care of cleanliness and other areas, exterior experiences wear and tear after a certain time period- which is actually unavoidable for every owner.

Fortunately, the structure and walls are intended to last forever but, windows and doors are the two areas that are prone to repair or replacement. If someone doesn’t know when they need some work done, below are six signs to consider:

  1. Unwanted Guests

It makes no sense to live in a home that looks more like a vacation condominium. Yes, if woodpeckers are taking advantage of their beaks and try to drill holes, the first and foremost thing is to replace existing windows and doors.

Secondly, if mold is active and attacked some interior walls, check for corresponding space outside and find out how to get over with the issues.

  1. Wear and Tear

This is pretty obvious. Though, some people prefer that splotchy look because of a unique character or impression it gives. What they do not realize is that rotted doors and windows make the home susceptible to the outside elements. Although damages can be dealt in one way the other (preferably proverbial band-aid) but, chances are high that things may go out of control after some time.

The next consideration should be given to gaps and cracks in the siding that may turn into a serious concern over time. They encourage moisture as well as unwanted critters- termites and vermin- to interfere in home’s environment. They actually attack on its structural integrity.

  1. Skyrocketing Bills

When there is an eye-popping rise in the utility bills, calling the utility company doesn’t seem to be the fruitful option. Instead, it shows major energy efficiency problems with siding, windows and doors. Chances are high that they are not providing enough insulation to avoid air or energy leakage.

  1. Trouble in Cleaning

Is it getting harder to clean windows and doors? Or the view gets foggy over time? Ever thought something might be wrong with the components? Yes, if the foggy appearance contains droplets or moisture, then the problem lies in the seal.

  1. Difficult to Operate

This issue is common with windows and turn out to be an easy target for burglars. Due to inefficient locking mechanisms and rotting or warping, the sashes do not easily move on the track. So, whether the home has crank windows or double-hungs, malfunctioned pulley systems are the primary cause to this inefficiency.

  1. Market Value is Rising

Nobody likes to see his/her home left behind in the race of getting the best price. When prices in the neighborhood rise over time, homeowners have to do something to their properties as well. Whether they want to rent it or sell, replacing windows and doors always promises to give good return.

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