6 Tips How to Save a Marriage If You Have Lost Bonds between Each Other


Posted on: 21 May 2018 by Lana Wall

Having a long-term relationship has a lot of benefits. Research indicates that happy couples who have been together for many years have better health and general well-being compared to their single or divorced counterparts. However, being married is not all smooth sailing.


There are days you will feel a lot more like roommates than husband and wife. Over the years you may have grown apart, that could be because of work or the kids. There are times you will feel like you are not emotionally connected to your partner anymore. However, there are a lot of ways to reignite that spark and save your marriage. Some of these ways are outlined below.


Get to the root of your problems. 

Marriages go through lots of issues. There’s no perfect one. The most common issues in marriages stem from three main things: Children, money, and sex. Others reasons include; lack of trust, lack of attention as well as incompatibility. Problems with your sex life such as low sex drive and erectile dysfunction, in particular, have led to many failed marriages.

Where the issue is erectile dysfunction, it is crucial that you seek professional counseling on how to cope with the situation. Couples should learn to communicate with each other about their problems at all times.

Limit the use of technology

We all know that technology has a lot of benefits. However, it also has many disadvantages. Communication is vital for any relationship to work. With the increased use of smartphones and computers, communication between couples may reduce. You may find you or your partner spending more time on your phone with your friends than having an actual conversation with your partner. Reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone and give more attention to your partner.

Become more touchy-feely

As the years go, many couples no longer touch each other as much as they used to. Touching skin to skin helps trigger the feelings of love. It might be time for you and your partner to up your game if the only physical contact you are getting with each other is only a peck on the cheek as he/she goes to work. It is quite common for many long-term couples to share a brief hug of only two to three seconds. Share long embraces with your partner and long kisses instead of pecks. Also, sleep more closely together at all times not just after sex.

Spend more time together

Spending time with your partner not only helps you restore the emotional intimacy between you and your partner but also helps build marital happiness. How you spend the time together is also quite significant. Many married couples become too engaged with their kids that they end up never sparing any time for each other as a couple. The time spent together may be used only to watch the television. Get a babysitter or family member to stay with your kids for a day or two and take a vacation. Spend ‘quality time’ together.

Do what you did at the beginning

Remember those cards and flowers you used to send each other when you first started dating? Couples who have been married a long time tend to overlook these simple romantic acts. The marriage then becomes boring and predictable. Many people change after getting married. To maintain the spark in the relationship, try doing for your partner what you used to do for them at the beginning that made them attracted them to you.

Learn to compromise

Marriage is about compromise. You and your partner can’t have the same wants and goals. If the late hours at work is what is causing you to grow apart is, adjust that and come up with a time that works for both of you. Your career goals can’t be more important than your partner.



Many couples go through a phase where they feel like the marriage is not working and may even want out of the relationship. However, no problem is so big that you can’t get past it. All hope is not lost, with the above tips you can reinvigorate your bond with your spouse and become close again. Remember, your partner is supposed to be your biggest fan and should be your best friend.



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