6 Wonderful Worldwide Wildlife Destinations


Posted on: 24 October 2012 by Laura Wilkins

Whilst food, culture and beautiful landscapes may draw holidaymakers to countless destinations around the world, each country also has its own unique and compelling wildlife to offer visitors. From giant pandas in China to reindeer in Finland, a wildlife holiday will enable you to see some of the world’s most amazing animals in their natural habitat.

Here is a selection of six unique and exciting wildlife holiday destinations and some of the incredible creatures you can expect to spot on your travels. To find out more about seeing a range of animals around the world, check out this interactive wildlife destination map from First Choice.

Reindeer – Finland

The beautiful Nordic country of Finland is home to many wonders, including the enchanting Northern Lights, fabulous skiing opportunities and the cosmopolitan capital, Helsinki. With thick winter snows, the country’s Lapland region is also the homeland of Father Christmas, making this festive area perfect for a unique, snowy winter break.

To top off a festive getaway, keep an eye out for some of the region’s 200,000 famous reindeer that wander the Arctic Circle. These antlered beasts are generally herded by man, but allowed to roam widely as semi-wild animals.

Peacocks – India

Heady India is a country filled with a wealth of travel experiences, from the white beaches of Goa and the historic majesty of the Taj Mahal to the thick jungle of the National Parks. Whichever part you visit, you will experience a country of exotic extravagance, colourful elegance and natural wonders.

So it’s no wonder that India’s national bird is the striking peacock, with its graceful beauty, pride and mysticism. This beautiful animal lives in the wilds of India and is notable by its impressive and colourful tail plumage.

Leopard – Kenya

Within its borders, the African country of Kenya offers pristine beaches, vast savannahs, colourful coral reefs and lofty snow-capped mountains. One of the major draws for many visitors to Kenya, however, is its wonderful safari opportunities, with chances to see some of the world’s most impressive animals in a diversity of landscapes.

The striking leopard can be found in regions all across Kenya and is the smallest of the four ‘big cats’ in the country.  Its beautiful black spots make this nocturnal creature blend with its surroundings as it hunts its prey.

Panda – China

Famous for its impressive 4,000-mile long Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tibetan mountains and Terracotta Warriors, China is a land of ancient mysticism, strength and beauty. The bustling capital, Shanghai is known as the ‘Paris of the East’ and is filled with intriguing foods, friendly people and intriguing culture.

Visitors to this huge and varied country can also enjoy heading to Sichuan to spot the adorable giant panda, one of the most endangered animals on earth. There are 18 nature reserves for these black and white bear-like creatures, as well as breeding centres aiming to ensure the survival and reintroduction of the giant panda into the wild.

Koala – Australia

Australia, the world’s smallest continent and its largest island, is a paradise for lovers of beautiful beaches, vast landscapes and varied wildlife. This beautiful country boasts thick rainforests, stunning reefs and impressive highlights such as the world famous Uluru rock formations and the beautiful Sydney Opera House.

One of Australia’s most iconic features is its unique native wildlife and the beloved koala is one of its cutest. These tree-dwelling marsupials can often be spotted dozing and eating in the heights of Eucalyptus trees, which also serve as their favourite food source.

Flamingos – Spain

A haven for British holidaymakers for decades, Spain is just a short flight from the UK, with warm weather, beautiful coastlines and tranquil countryside, as well as bustling holiday resorts and cosmopolitans cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. Its picturesque islands are popular with nightlife lovers and adventurers and Spain’s unique cooking styles and world-appreciated wines make it a haven for culinary enthusiasts.

Spain’s second largest region, Andalucia, is home to the Fuente de Piedra lagoon – a must for nature lovers thanks to the presence of the huge colony of pink flamingos that come here to breed each year. This striking bird has been coming to this lagoon for hundreds of years and is notable for its unique pink plumage.

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