7 amazing massage health benefits for seniors


Posted on: 01 June 2016 by Goky Brkic

Massage is mostly enjoyed by people between the ages 18yrs and 40yrs. Also, people with 50yrs and above are not frequent to the spa facilities as they should be. This is contributed by several factors like, lack of money since income is fixed, challenges in movements and lack of interest in the same. There are major and numerous benefits to be associated with massage for the old and they should to attend and enjoy the services.

There are steps that can be taken to ensure they access the services. Massage therapists can walk into the homes of elderly and offer their services and the old should be encouraged and be enlightened on the same.

So, here we bring you 7 amazing health benefits of massage for the elderly.

1. Improves the quality of sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things when one is growing up and also when one is at an old age. Sleep helps in ensuring the body gets enough rest and the organs are not over worked. Sleeping for the aged help solve memory problems and a general poor quality of life. Massage will help cultivate a nice sleeping pattern.

2. It helps ease pain on the body

The aged are easily hurt and once they are hit by anything, it might result to a major injury and cause major pain. Once in a massage room, they are cleaned and the therapy and oils applied help ease the pain. Most of the bones are fragile and muscles are often in pain. Massage relaxes muscles and eases movement.

3. Helps develop a strong immune system

The body of the aged is vulnerable to many diseases. The red blood cells are not as active as they used to be some years back. One of the organs affected is the skin. Therapy and massage helps replenish the skin and maintain it. Since the flow of blood is improved in the process, immunity of the body is generally increased.

4. Enhances mobility

Joints especially on the limbs tend to be clogged in a very short time for the old people, due to this there are several challenges that come up and movement is limited. Massage relaxes the joins and enhances the release of synovial fluids that helps lubricate the joints. It also help reduce tension in the muscles.

5. Deals with stress and depression

This is a major threat especially if the person has diabetes heart problems. Involving in activities that are engaging will help in managing anxiety and one such activity is massage therapy.

6. Removes loneliness

When the aged are alone the probability of them going into depression is very high. They need to talk to someone and share their problems. This can be dealt with in the massage room since most people are working.

7. Treatment of some disease

The aged are likely to be affected by arthritis which affects the hips, knees, neck and other joints. Alzheimer is still common among the aged. Applying several well-known massage techniques will help in relaxing the muscles to ease pain in the joints and facilitate communication.

It is evident that massage is important and crucial to the aged as it is to the young. The aged should be encouraged to seek the services to improve on health and prevent some bad conditions that may show up.

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