7 Easy Design Touches for Your Master Bathroom

Posted on: 29 November 2018 by David Koller

It has become a common practice in recent years to turn the master bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Many homeowners decide to tear down the existing one and create a completely remodeled area. This takes a lot of time and money, but, fortunately, it doesn’t have to.

Changing a few details or fixtures can make all the difference for your bathroom and make it look freshly remodeled. All you need are easy design touches to change your bathroom visually and improve its functionality. And some of the following may be right for you.  

1.Change the paint color

Changing the paint color is the easiest way to change the ambiance in your master bathroom. This is always a solid option and one that will save you time and money. However, the color you will use depends on your lifestyle and reasons behind the remodeling.

Neutral tones are ideal for those who are afraid of drastic changes or are planning to sell their home. Interior designers are already predicting the next year’s hit colors and burgundy red and apricot brandy are among them. Earthy tones like green and orange will create a calm atmosphere while adding some ultramarine blue will open up space.

2.Redesign your mirror

Updating your vanity is always a good choice to remodel your bathroom. If you can’t find a suitable replacement, then instead of changing the vanity – install a new mirror. It will enhance your bathroom visually if you choose the frame that will serve as a statement.

The big one-piece mirror is perfect for small bathrooms since it will expand the space. On the other hand, a mirror with a strong and pronounced frame will bring class and elegance to the room. Try to find a frame that fits the décor perfectly, but can also serve as a centerpiece.

3.Add more storage space

To maintain your bathroom clean and neat, you will need storage. What kind of storage space you will use depends on the size of your bathroom. Hang some shelves above the toilet to get more space for storing of the bathroom necessities and cleaning agents.

Install cabinets for extra towels and cosmetics on the walls, and even go for a storage closet if you have room. Build racks underneath the sink and place bamboo baskets inside, which is an elegant way to store towels in the small bathroom.

4.Update the tiles

One of the most demanding jobs when remodeling a bathroom is changing the tiles. However, instead of changing them physically, you can update their look. Go to the store and ask them to give you pieces of broken tiles instead of to throw them away.

Use these pieces to create small mosaics on your existing tiles and thus improve their look. Also, if you have ceramic tiles, you can paint them in a different color and change their look easily.  

5.Enrich the floor

Bathroom flooring is usually made of tiles, although the luxurious versions can use marble or wood. There are all sorts of tiles available on the market, and material also plays an important role in remodeling. Their color and patterns can be different from the walls in order to create layers and accentuate the overall design.

In case you don't have a big enough budget to change the tiles, add some easy features. Floor mats improve safety, but also add character to the room. Also, floor accessories like big-leafed potted plants will give a tranquil ambiance in your master bathroom.  

6.Add glamour with lights

Natural light is important for the bathroom, but so is the artificial one. Lighting fixtures can not only open up space but bring in glamour. Use chandelier as the central light to bring in the drama and appeal to the room.

A few wall lamps are perfect for pulling off that serene spa atmosphere, and even some scones for candles would be a nice touch. Install lights around the mirror if you put your make-up in the bathroom. And think about dimmers as the easiest way to change the lighting in the room and create ambiance.

7.Welcome the accessories

There is a reason why this bathroom has “master” in front of it. Therefore, you will need accessories to make it be true to that name. Candles and plants are the most common way to create an oasis where you can soak in the tub and forget the world.

However, other small design touches can also make this space unique and stylish. A colorful shower curtain and triple-tiered shower shelf are a graceful way to combine functionality and aesthetics. Choose a nice painting that will go well with bathroom design, and opt for a woven hamper to make the space more personal.


Master bathroom is a great addition to the home, but it can also be an expensive one to remodel. However, easy design touches can do a lot for the room's décor and replace any big works. You can feel like royalty in your master bathroom with only some small improvements here and there.

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