7 Little Ways to Drop Pounds


Posted on: 28 December 2014 by Andrew Newitt

Obesity is one of the greatest plights of the modern age. It is causing a great number of diseases as well as making everyday life and chores into something extremely difficult. Still, you don’t have to be obese to want to lose some weight. The sad truth is that most of the people are not satisfied with the way they look. Most of these dissatisfactions are caused by weight and while there are some people who are unsatisfied with being too skinny, in most cases it is the other way around.

As any problem grows in significance, the industry and infrastructure based around its solving develops and expands. This particular situation makes no example. There are numerous tips, ways and means in order to lose weight, some more reliable than the other. Some of the most widely renowned solutions are nothing but a common urban legends or just popular beliefs. Therefore, here are seven simple, and completely scientifically accurate advices, how to quickly and effectively lose some weight.

1# Avoid fast food

First thing to do is avoid fast food. Try changing your every hamburger with something a bit more light and healthy, like pasta followed up with a nice salad. The more you eat with your fork and spoon, the less unnecessary calories you input.

2# Schedule your meals

Change the way you eat by the clock. Eat your breakfast as early in the morning, because this way you will lose much of its calories during the day. You should also avoid eating late in the night, since while you sleep, you lose almost no calories.

3# Mind what you drink

For most of the working people and students, coffee is as essential as the oxygen itself, but it is also full of harmful calories. Try changing your many daily coffees with a skinny tea which will efficiently result in you losing weight and at the same time, feel much better about yourself because it also helps clean your body of all the toxins. Healthier in its essence than coffee, it also has a great taste and you might keep this habit even after you arrive at your perfect weight.

4# Introduce dairy into your diet

Eating dairy products, just a glass of milk or a bit of cheese on a daily basis, can do wonders for your weight and for your general health. While giving you the sense of being full, it also helps you clean your body and improve your immune system significantly. As a natural and balanced food, the input of dairy products, bears many benefits on almost every level of your organism’s health.

5# Cardio training

As for the exercises, the most important thing for an efficient weight-loss is- cardio training. Intensive cardio trainings boosts your metabolism thus making you spend a lot of unnecessary calories that you input during the day. This is an important step and is therefore crucial that you never skip it.

6# Always on the move

Even with the intensive cardio, great help also comes from little things, like a daily walk or the ways in which you can affect your mundane activities in a positive way. One serious study showed that if you don’t lay down right after the meal, but stand for 10 or 15 minutes, just to wash the dishes, you lose a lot of calories. You can also think of various things in which to sustain this notion like getting a standing desk for your workplace or riding a bike every day to work.

7# Out in the open

And finally, make sure to go on a walks outside on a daily basis. While convenient during the winter, the tread walking or running can never replace a nice evening walk and a fresh night air. This step will improve both your physical and mental health and make you feel better in general.

The most important thing about losing weight is that it you should not do it at the cost of your health. There are many natural and effective ways like eating healthier, drinking tea instead of coffee and juices, walking and exercising that are good for your health, make you lose weight and are fun at the same time. It is a really win-win scenario.

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