7 reasons drinking coffee can lead to a longer life


Posted on: 08 January 2016 by George Azoury

Throughout your entire your life you've likely heard both sides of the argument for the case: 'how does coffee affect your health?" In this article, you'll learn 7 exciting reasons why you SHOULD drink coffee (in moderation of course) and how it can give you a few extra golden years when done right

You’ve heard the coffee talk before - it makes you palpitate, can give you headaches, and can cause some sleeping problems. 
Well, it’s time you hear some great news. According to a very recent study published in the American Heart Association journal, coffee offers plenty of health benefits for those who regularly drink the dark brew moderately. 
Read on and discover seven ways that coffee can help you get a longer lease on a good, healthy life: 
1. Coffee can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. 
For as long as you don’t take it regularly with a plateful of pastry, coffee will prove helpful in lowering your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. 
Coffee’s effect on the central nervous system is said to boost a person’s metabolism. And with regular exercise and a proper diet, coffee can help you regulate your blood sugar. 
Dr. Ming Ding from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said that “ Previous studies show that chemical compounds in coffee beans reduce insulin resistance and systematic inflammation." 
2. Coffee improves your energy levels. 
Coffee can do more than just keep you awake - it enhances the fatty acids in your blood, which in turn enables you to absorb and use those when you need to physically exert yourself. 
Carbohydrates, in turn, can stay ‘stored’ in your body, allowing you to retain more energy sources you can utilize as you continue with your activities. This is especially helpful when you are working out, or when you take part in sports-related events. 
3. Coffee helps you prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases. 
Excessive coffee drinking can cause palpitations. Sometimes it is even related to increasing blood pressure. 
However, according to the study that monitored an impressive total of 168,000 women and over 40,000 men, moderate coffee drinking (less than 5 cups daily) can actually help protect your heart by lessening inflammation and avoiding arterial damage. 
Its ability to improve your workout performance also enhances your chances at lowering your risk of suffering from heart disease. According to a Japanese study, consuming at least two cups of coffee is even said to reduce cardiovascular death by 38%. 
4. Coffee can sharpen your memory. 
As you age, you’ll notice how your memory may seem to ‘slip away’ every once in a while. According to recent research done, coffee may just save you from these moments by helping you enhance your detail retention.  
Neuroscientists warn that it is important to keep the coffee consumption at moderate levels. Excessive drinking can affect sleep, which is just as important in boosting your memory power.
5. Coffee can reduce the risk of suffering neurological diseases. 
Good news for coffee drinkers: a recent study has confirmed that the caffeine in your favorite brew can help lower the possibility of developing diseases like Parkinson’s as well as manage the symptoms for those who already suffer from them. 
For Parkinson’s, consumption of around two to four cups daily allows the body to block adenosine A2A receptors, thus improving motor activity. Just make sure you leave out the extras such as full-fat milk or sugary syrups - a simple brew such as a strong black coffee from a stovetop espresso maker or a percolator is ideal.
Another disease that coffee is said to help alleviate is Alzheimer’s. Moderate regular consumption of this brew is said to prevent inflammation of the brain, and in lowering the amyloid-beta protein which is said to be a neurotoxin that causes cerebrovascular lesions. 
6. Coffee is a mild anti-depressant that can help prevent suicide. 
With the ever-growing list of stress triggers in our modern society, keeping your mind out of depression, healthy, and happy is the key to coping. And according to some scientific theories, coffee can help too. 
Based on a Harvard study, the ability of caffeine to increase ‘positive’ neurotransmitters in the brain like noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin helps you get out of that depressed state. 
Because of this unique ability, the study concluded that coffee helps reduce the risk of suicide to around 50%. 
In another study though, it’s been found that excessive consumption, can possibly have an opposite effect. So, it is advised to maintain coffee drinking to a maximum of four cups on a daily basis. 
7. Coffee can help you feel less pain. 
Experiencing various aches and pains is part of the aging process. If you’re a coffee lover and you’re going through this stage right now, then you have just the right drink to enjoy. 
According to a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, caffeine works so well with pain medicines in providing relief, that 40% less of the drug was needed to deliver the effect. 
Life is definitely better with coffee, and we’re sure your body will agree. Remember that the same rule applies to coffee as with most things in life: Moderation is the key to enjoyment without guilt!

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