8 Unhygienic Habits that Destroy Your Teeth


Posted on: 07 February 2017 by Rebecca Parkinson

If you are residing in Battersea, your local Battersea dentist will recommend drinking water that contains fluoride as much as possible to protect your teeth.

Do you know that bad habits can destroy your teeth? Several people are not aware of unhealthy habits like nail biting that can cause damage to their teeth. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, undergo oral check-ups by an experienced dentist and eat a balanced diet to improve your oral and overall health. There are various reputed dental clinics in battersea where the dental practitioners provide effective solutions for a clean and healthy mouth. If you are looking to see a dentist, make sure you look for one such clinic to prevent teeth problems.

Let us know some unhygienic things that may harm your teeth.

1. Eating sugary foods and drinks – Avoid cookies, candies and other sugary foods as they trigger the formation of cavities. Even throat lozenges can affect your teeth. Sports drinks contain lots of sugar that causes damage to the enamel. Wash your mouth every time you eat sugary food or drink. It is suggested to use medicated toothpaste to cleanse your teeth.

2. Lack of sufficient water - You should drink plain water instead of energy and sports drinks and ice teas in order to prevent cavities. Drinking enough water will hydrate your mouth and body. A dry mouth can be the best place for formation of bacteria that cause cavities. Fluoride is an important component that helps you prevent tooth decay. If you are residing in Battersea, your local Battersea dentist will recommend drinking water that contains fluoride as much as possible.

3. Nail biting – Always keep your fingers out of your mouth. When we bite our nails, it harms jaws that cause pain and discomfort in the jaw. Biting nails contributes to erosion of the enamel and also causes chipped teeth. You should reduce your stress level to get rid of this bad habit.

4. Hard brushing – Hard brushing causes erosion of enamel and promotes cavities and decay. Brush your teeth gently to avoid gum injury and damage of your teeth. A dentist suggests his patients to apply gentle strokes while brushing the teeth.

5. Eating food or drinks that contain acids – Having acidity or drinking lemon water can cause damage to the teeth. Acidic foods can damage enamel which prevents cavities and tooth decay. Citric fruit, juices and certain salads have acidic properties that can trigger erosion of enamel. A dentist at a dental clinic battersea suggests to avoid eating acidic foods or drinks.

6. Using teeth as tools – You should avoid using teeth to open the lids of bottles or any purpose that does not belong to chewing foods and cause injury. These will get worsened and also contribute to the infection.

7. Sucking thumb – Children develop this habit when their first teeth erupt. Parents should bring their children to a dentist for check-ups. A dental expert can provide your child with appropriate oral care to break the habit. You should also encourage your baby not to suck thumb.

8. Cigarette – Smoking enhances risk of oral cancer and other disorders of respiratory system. Chemicals in tobacco cause your teeth to get stained and also contribute to bad breath. Cigarette also facilitates the formation of plaque and bacteria that create gum problems and loss of tooth. It is suggested that you quit smoking at the earliest possible. Battersea dental practice can help you get professional solution to get rid of stained teeth.

Above unhygienic habits that may be the reason for tooth decay, gum infection, erosion of enamel and cavities and cause severe damage to your teeth. Take care of your oral and overall health and leave these harmful practices to save your teeth. Get in touch with an experienced dentist to get effective care and treatment for your oral health condition.

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