9 Alternatives For a Healthier Heart During Halloween


Posted on: 27 October 2016 by David Milsont

Halloween is the one time of year where it can be very difficult to refrain from the endless treats and sweets that seem to be everywhere we turn. As delicious as they may all be, it really isn't the best for our health – particularly when it comes to looking after our heart.

#1. The Worst Halloween Treats

We all have our favourites, and we know most of the best treats at Halloween time are certainly unhealthy, however which ones are the worst? If you are going to avoid any treats this time of year these should be at the top of your list.

#2. Toffee Apples

‘They’re one of your 5 a day’, you might say, but truth is, you’re doing yourself more harm than good by consuming one. 12 teaspoons of sugar along with an extra 200+ calories in the average toffee apple won’t do much for your heart health or your waistline!

#3. Snickers

These chocolate bars are terrible for you, consisting of well over 200 calories each, and loaded with trans and saturated fats as well as 3o plus grams of sugar. Nothing that pleases the taste buds is worth doing that sort of damage to your heart health, so cross these treats of your list, nobody needs caramel and nougat that badly. And don’t think selecting another kind will save you - all of these delicious chocolate bars are just as bad for you.

#4. Twizzlers

Liquorice seems like a healthier choice than the array of chocolates and sugary sweets available during Halloween time. Truth be told, it is not such a wise choice. Twizzlers liquorice contains a lot of artificial flavourings and colourings, not to mention it’s fair share of sugar. Passing up on the liquorice is a smart idea for your overall health, and your dentist will thank you as well.

#5. Chupa Chups Lollipops

‘What’s the harm in a simple lolly?’ you might say, but the answer is far more than you could ever imagine. In only 100 grams of a small lollipop, barely a few bites can contain up to 350 calories, which is staggering for a treat with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. Do your waistline and your blood sugar a favour and stay away from the lollies this year.

#6. Some Healthier Alternatives

Now that we have established what we absolutely should not have, let's take a closer look at what a more acceptable treat may be, finding a compromise between what is good for us and what just tastes good.

#7. Chocolate Covered Fruit

Still fulfil your chocolate craving, but bring in some health benefits as well. Take your favourite fruits, including banana, strawberries and kiwi, dip them in melted dark chocolate (which happens to be a great antioxidant) and leave to set. These delicious bites satisfy that need for chocolate while replacing refined sugar with more natural sugars and providing some beneficial vitamins and minerals too.

#8. Pretzels

With hundreds of bags of crisps on sale in the stores and floating around thanks to the trick-or-treaters it can be easy to consume your body weight in greasy, salty crisps. While the urge to crunch is unlikely to go anywhere it can be easily satisfied by opting for pretzels instead. While pretzels are not necessarily a healthy food they are a better choice, consisting of few calories and less salt and trans fats that potato crisps.

#9. Homemade trail mix

Toasted nuts and seeds mixed with low sugar dried fruits make for a great crunchy snack that won’t do your heart too much harm. Get some healthy fats from the nuts and seeds, but don’t overdo it – keep portion sizes sensible.

Having a heart healthy Halloween doesn't have to be difficult or depressing. Your sweet tooth can still easily be satisfied by some of the imaginative and delicious healthy treat alternatives provided by the London Cardiovascular Clinic. You can make healthier choices just by eliminating some of the worst treats the season has to offer.

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