A Guide to Restaurant Menu Options


Posted on: 13 July 2016 by Sophie Fenns

A Guide to Restaurant Menu Options

Recently, more and more restaurant menu options have become available to improve cost and appearance. Which options are the most cost-effective? Which options can change according to your needs?

Chalkboard Menu

One unique option is a chalkboard menu. These are not designed to be your full menu, but they work well as a table top option that can be changed daily. If you have a daily special or are featuring a certain wine for the week, you can use the menu to display that message. You can even have a message for certain holidays. Because of its oak base, it still looks professional while accomplishing an important purpose. Available in three sizes, this menu makes the perfect tabletop advertisement for your specials.

Easel Menu

This type of menu board can be useful as a table top menu, or for a bar. The top is hinged, allowing both sides to be opened and viewable at the same time. You can slip your menu into the secure corners and have no need to worry about it coming loose. This board does allow you to easily change menus. However, you will probably want separate easels for each meal you offer (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.). If you use the same easels, taking the menu selections in and out each day will make the corners ragged and less professional.

Pellaq Tariff Board

This menu is ideal for one-page menus. It is simple and therefore has a refined look. Normally two styling options are available – the frame style and the corner style. Depending on your preference, you can choose between them. Both work equally well. Oftentimes, the menu case is produced in a leather-like material that creates a professional appearance, and you have the option of choosing a colour to match your restaurant's theme and design.

Buckram Menu

Buckram menu boards take personalisation a step further. Though this menu resembles the pellaq tariff board in many ways, there is a major difference – you can imprint your company's logo on the back. You can have it stamped in gold or silver. This type of look makes your menu look even more professional. However, this option is also more expensive because of its extensive customisation. If your restaurant is already established, updating your menus in this way creates a classier look. However, if you are opening your restaurant for the first time, a big investment like this menu type may be a better idea later, after you have gotten the hang of things.

Wooden Clipboard

The last option is a wooden clipboard that you can use to hold your menu. This option would suit a more laid-back atmosphere, not top-notch restaurants, since it doesn't look as formal as the other options. The menu can be changed frequently, but the top of the menu might begin to look worn if changed too often or without care.

In the end, there are many styles and cost-effective menu boards available. Looking through your options and selecting the best menu for you is a good start to making your restaurant stand out with its unique style.



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