Advantages Of The ESTA Visa When Traveling To The US


Posted on: 27 July 2018 by Larissa James

Planning a visit of the US can be easy when you are well prepared. Considering the option for ESTA Visa can make your life easier.

When you travel to the US by sea or plane, you want to consider the USA ESTA application. This is practically a special waiver application for visa products. The ESTA authorization removes the need to have regular US visas when going to the country. Applying for the ESTA authorization should be done over 24 hours before the departure date. Application is done online.

In order to be approved for US travel under the ESTA program, you need to meet some requirements. In most situations the authorization is offered immediately. Here is all you need to know about the program so that you can fully take advantage of it.

Application Factors For ESTA

The ESTA visa is associated with the Visa Waiver Program. This includes a number of countries so you have to be sure that your country is listed before you start the process. If you come from the pre-approved countries and do not have a US visa application can start.

Remember the fact that when you want to stay in the US for over three months, the ESTA authorization does not make you eligible. You can only use ESTA in the event that you stay under 90 days. The trip should be due to specific reasons and you can only enter the country when you plan leisure trips or you want to do some business that does not involve getting paid.

Before ESTA visa application, be sure you have a valid passport that is machine-readable. This is a special passport that includes 2 special lines and some chevrons at its bottom, close to personal information.

If the very last renewal for your passport happened before October 2005, you will need to get another one. This is because such passports do not have electronic chips or ID photographs. Be sure that all the information that you need is available as the application is submitted. This does include flight number, details and where you are going to board. Also, keep in mind that you also need to prove that you have a return ticket.

When you travel to the US for the very first time, various security questions are going to be asked. You have to respond. Reserve the ticket and simply do not fully pay for it. This offers an extra security in the event you are refused, although this rarely happens.

Whenever you apply for the ESTA visa, the government gives you a unique application number. This is a number you have to keep safe at all times. Verify application status with suppliers, as soon as possible. Authorization is going to happen in under 24 hours or instantly for most people that apply for the ESTA visa. However, remember the fact that being approved does not always mean you can enter the country. The officer you meet at customs entry point is the one that makes the final decision. Fortunately, the vast majority of those approved through ESTA will have absolutely no problems entering the US and enjoying the reason why they do so.

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The advantages of the ESTA Visa When travelling to the US are enormous, so the options for a ESTA USA visa needs to be prepared well enough. Certainly considering this option can make your life easier.


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