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Posted on: 28 November 2016 by Romeo Dem

Here you can read some useful tips on how to take care for the elderly at home whether it's your close friend or your parents to avoid as much discomfort as you can.

Taking care of the elderly is something that most people encounter in their lifetime; it could be your parents, relatives or very close friends. To avoid as much discomfort as possible for the elderly person or yourself, it is essential that you empathize with the person you’re taking care of and plan every step of their homecare carefully. Purchasing homecare equipment for the elderly person is one of the most important steps. There are several types of equipment that you can acquire to improve the life of seniors at home including medical equipment, mobility, bathroom, exercise, bedroom, communication and dressing equipment among others. 
If the elderly person is adamant about remaining at home, the following are some of the most important types of equipment that can make the arrangements successful for both the caregiver and elderly person.
Bedroom Equipment
A good night’s sleep is a very important aspect of maintaining good health. Adjustable beds have many benefits to older persons. Many people neglect the importance of adequate mattresses and beds or are simply reluctant to spend big. It is therefore important that the bed and mattress are big enough. Other important bedroom equipment include: 
  • Bed rails- these attach to the bed securely to provide assistance to elderly persons, particularly those who have difficulties in getting in and out of bed and need additional support.
  • Bed raisers- these raise the bed to a certain convenient height. They are best suited to those who have difficulty getting up and down from a lower surface.
  • Bed wedge- this is designed to elevate the legs or upper body, or used as a trunk-stabilizer when lying on the side. It is best suited to individuals with breathing problems, poor circulation, back problems, hiatus hernia and neck problems.
Mobility Equipment
  • Lightweight wheelchair - there are several wheelchairs available, but the most common ones are self-propelled and transport wheelchairs (manual). Choose the best size, shape and color self-propelled wheelchair for individuals who have walking difficulties due to endurance, neurological issue or even balance. Transport wheelchairs need someone to assist, and are the best choice for individuals who need a wheelchair for long distances. Other wheelchairs include: motorized wheelchairs, scooter for the elderly and shower wheelchairs.
  • Front wheel walker- this is a walker with wheels on the front legs. Individuals with balance or endurance problems can use this walker.
  • Folding walker- this walker has no wheels and is best suited to individuals with endurance and balance difficulties or are at risk of falling
Exercise equipment
It is important that the elderly engage in exercises. This comes in handy in combating diseases and medical conditions that are common with aged individuals such as heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. Some of the most recommended exercise equipment include:
  • Hydraulic system- these are machines engineered to have little impact on the senior’s legs and arms. They are therefore safe and easier on the joints.
  • Air machines- just like hydraulic machines, they have low impact machines, and absorb shock that reduces the amount of stress put on the joints.
  • Trampolines- these provide fun aerobic exercises as they absorb the bone jarring impact put on the bones by jumping movements.
  • Other exercise equipment include: cushioned step machines and aquatic fitness equipment.
Medical equipment
These are meant to assist the caregiver in giving the best care possible. They reduce the workload and help the individuals remain independent for as long as possible. There are several types of medical equipment you can get. The most important ones include: thermophore arthritis pads, oxygen cylinder holder for wheelchairs, portable oxygen machine, foot alignment socks, pressure relief pad and pump system, blood glucose monitoring system, portable oxygen pulse oximeters and finger pulse oximeter among many others.
Don’t forget that is really important to talk to the person you’re taking care of on a daily basis and truly understand their needs and wishes. Interpersonal communication with the elderly can be a daunting task sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t express their wishes when it comes to their health and well-being. Listen to them and try to sympathize as much as you can. 

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