Aging Gracefully: The Dos and Do Nots


Posted on: 01 April 2017 by Verona Pinder

Fighting wrinkles and dull skin can get tiring and boring, but after looking at these celebrities and their beauty and fashion tricks, and how they age gracefully and remain both stunning and confident, you will get your motivation back!

These supermodels and actresses know all the dos and don’ts of aging, so if you are looking for inspirations in your late 40s, 50s and beyond, take a look at their secrets!

Do: Simple Hairstyles

Celebrity Inspiration: Meryl Streep
Everyone’s favourite actress, Meryl Streep always knows how to rock gorgeous, yet simple hairstyles, whether it’s a red carpet event or a casual everyday. For a work day, try out a naturally wavy or curly hair style (especially if you have a shoulder length or long bob hairstyle). For special occasions, choose something classic, like slicked back hairstyles, easy updos and half up half down looks. If you naturally have straight hair, try to straighten it a bit more occasionally, which will also make your face look slimmer and younger.

Don’t: Experimenting with new trends is always a good idea if you want to step out of your comfort zone, but try to avoid crazy hair colours and cuts as they will emphasize your wrinkles a bit more.


Do: Elegant Fashion Choices

Celebrity Inspiration: Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore is just the perfect example for effortless chic and elegance. The actress loves neutral outfits as well as floral, more colourful patterns, which creates a beautiful balance. She doesn’t show off too much skin but definitely knows how to choose dresses that flatter the body and her skin tone, and this is exactly our advice as well: be confident with your body type and find dresses that match your personal style instead of chasing new trends! After your 20s, having your own style and knowing what fits you will bring extra confident…and if you choose the right items, they will make you look more youthful as well.

Don’t: Go overboard. Aging gracefully doesn’t mean you can only wear black midi dresses and shouldn’t try out anything new…as long as you feel comfortable, why wouldn’t you choose a floral pattern skirt or a sleeveless blouse?


Do: Take Care of Your Smile

Celebrity Inspiration: Cate Blanchett
We are in love with the actress’ smile. To keep her teeth white, strong and healthy, Cate regularly uses whitening treatments, and the results are definitely showing! With that smile, she looks at least 5 years younger, so we can definitely recommend keeping your teeth healthy and white as a great anti-aging trick. While most people focus on their body and skin, aging usually shows on the teeth as well, so taking proper care of your pearly whites will give your whole face a younger look.

Don’t: Only focus on your wrinkles and skincare routine while not paying enough attention to your teeth. 


Do: Have a Positive Attitude

Celebrity Inspiration: Naomi Campbell
Let’s be honest: who is not in love with this stunning supermodel? She is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but has the best attitude towards herself and others. Naomi is confident, gracious and accepts that fact that she is aging – and she does it amazingly well! Whenever we see her on a red carpet event or a talk show, she has that gorgeous glow and happiness while being classy and elegant. No wonder the whole world is still in love with her, and having a positive attitude is something you can do as well! Smiling a lot and viewing the positive side of things will not only make you look younger, but will make you feel way better about yourself as well.

Don’t: Try to fight aging too much. Of course, lifting makeup, wrinkle creams and a great skincare routine is all part of taking care of yourself, but don’t get depressed over small wrinkles under your eyes or dull skin…it’s a natural process that happens everyone. 


Do: Know the Right Makeup for Your Skin

Celebrity Inspiration: Julia Roberts
Knowing your skin type and what makeup fits you the best is essential even for an everyday makeup routine. When looking for face products, always check the ingredients as well and ensure that your foundation contains SPF, so it protects your skin. If we look at Julia Roberts, her makeup is always on point: the actress enhances her pearly white smile with pastel lipsticks and instead of the popular contouring trends, she sticks with showing off her stunning porcelain skin. Instead of heavy eye makeup, she just uses a soft smudged eye look with voluminous lashes… and it works for her perfectly! Try out new concealers, lipsticks and eye shadows until you find the products you can fall in love with.

Don’t: Stop experimenting with makeup until you find that one look. 

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